Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review of Essence Turn it ... Collection

Essence releases 2 new collections of their entire line every year. And those are the most fun times for me since they always add so many cool new things to their already amazing product line. And this Spring/Summer season they stepped up when it comes to offering nail polish top coats. Here is my review of some of the items that caught my eye. 

Honestly they don't look like much. The Turn it ... collection looks like 5 semi sheer muddled nail polishes. But the little blogger in me whispered take them and try them over black nail polish that is when the magic happens. Also I saw this Soap bubble top coat and I thought to myself it might be a cool multi-chrome top coat. Another fun thing to try!

Here you can see the swatches - as you can see the magic is strong! Not only do they create new deep colors when layered over black polishes - they also give a strong shimmer over normal colored polishes. And the magic does not go away if you add matte top coat. 

On the pictures you can see them layered over black (from left to right)
Magic play of light - soap bubble effect - this one is the only one not part of the Turn it ... collection. But I feel like he still fits since it features the same scattered shimmer particles. The only difference is that it creates the most unique multi chrome effect of them all. The colors that shift in this polish range from pink to purple to blue and soft silvers. 
My piece of paradise (Turn it tropical) has a light and dark green shimmer in a sheer base. With a few rare pink shimmers in there that are barley seen with the naked eye and impossible to take a photo off.
Crush on you (Turn it icy) is my personal favorite. It features a deep dark blue shimmer with a few purple sheers in there. I love it! Over black it looks a bit like the legendary China glaze Frostbite
Catch the wave (Turn it aquatic) This one looks very similar to Turn it tropical in the bottle. But on the nail it turns out that it is a lot darker. It has just the one color of dark green shimmer inside. 
To the moon and back (Turn it romantic) I didn't want to take this one since I am not a fan of pinks, it looks almost magenta or neon pink in the bottle. But on the nail it looks a bit more deep magenta color. It creates quite a unique color that makes it a deep dark purple polish.
You are my sunshine (Turn it sunny) this one looks better in the bottle then on the nail (and I had such high hopes for it) it features a mix of yellow, orange and bronze shimmers. That turn the nails a dark bronze metallic shade. 

As you can see I added the top coats over some random jelly nail polishes and then I used a matte top coat over them. They make all the colors even more deep - I guess if I would add even more of layers of the top coat over the black base, the nails would get a whole another personality.

In conclusion if you like nail polish with shimmer in it - or if you like metallic polishes these are the polishes for you. With them you can make any black base nail polish seem like you have metallic nails. Or you can add shimmer to any jelly or creme nail polish.
For me that is a huge plus since a lot of the times I get nail polishes just for the shimmers even thou I already have the base color.

I can't recommend this collection enough,such a great way to save up on feature nail polish purchases.

Head on over to your local drug stores and stock up to save the feature ;)
Here are some helpful Essence links:
Essence Homepage
Essence FB
Essence on IG


*all the items were purchased by me*


  1. They look like some fun polishes to layer over other colors to make them look different :)

  2. So pretty! Reminds me of the Julep metamorphic topcoats. <3


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