Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jessica and Barbara K. Germ blogger event

Recently I was invited to attend an amazing blogger event in my hometown Ljubljana. It was an event organized by the Jessica cosmetics company and Barbara K. Germ firm. Each had a lovely presentation about their work, we had a had some Q & A and fun hang out time with all the other bloggers.  So here are some parts of the event.

The lovely miss Bizjan had an informative lecture about her brand Jessica. She explained to us the firms mentality, the design ideas, its history and their recommended nail care routine. She also explained a lot about the problems specific to Slovenian market and local manicurists. 

With her massive life experience in the nail polish world she was a truly great resource to listen to. We also got a set of nail care products and a lot of literature about it. I learned so much and I am determined to use as many of them to get my nails back in shape. 

The other part of the event was a presentation by Barbara K. Germ, a unique artist that creates glass jewelry. She is working with glass over 20 years and creates accessories that fit the modern woman. Her store is in Ljubljana (Stari trg 12) - so to all my Slovenian followers don't forget to visit when strolling though our lovely city. 

I was blown away by her work! The colors are so vivid and you can tell each part of the design was made by hand and with great love & care. And we even got to choose a ring with a pretty colorful glass particle. I choose this beautiful pink one - just to get it stolen by my mom later :)

The goodie bag from Jessica was amazing! I can't believe how much nail and hand care products it features. I am so grateful since I humbly admit I did not pay enough attention to this part of my nail routine. But with all the new knowledge I will do better. And I will make sure to keep you posted on how much it helped.

Here are my favourite products of the set - a base and top coat. And a colored nail polish named Vintage glam, that is a dusty pinkish lavender. I was amazed at how opaque it was - it required just 1 coat! Amazing <3

Don't forget to visit the amazing event headliners online :)
Jessica Cosmetics Slovenija FB
Jessica nails + Bizjan & co. web page

Barbara K. Germ web page
Barrbara K. Germ FB


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