Sunday, March 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Broken Easter eggs manicure

Happy Easter! Rarely does my nail shape match the time of the year. Finally stars have aligned and I can sport these broken Easter eggs nails I've been dying to create. Also I wondered how it would look like to match some neons and pastels. I must admit I like how they turned out! So here is a step by step on how to make them so you can be ready for the Holidays :)

What you need are 4 pastel colors and 4 neons of the same color. I choose China glaze Lemon fizz, Glow with the flow, Daisy know my name, DJ Blue my mind, Treble maker, Essence Fall for me, hola guapa! and Grunge me tender. To make the splatter pattern that usually occurs on painted eggs you will need a straw. Also a dotting tool and a black precision polish, I choose LA Girl Art deco Black

I realise that creating the splatter effect might seem difficult - but trust me it is not! I recommend that before attempting this nail art practice a bit over some paper so you get a feeling on the mechanics of the process.  

Step 1: Apply pastel nail polish as base. 
Step 2: Dip the straw into the corresponding neon nail polish. Then quickly hold it over you nail and blow fast and strong blows so the splatter lands on the nail. You should hold the straw about an inch above the nail. Be prepared for a lot of clean up. Apply some top coat since the splatter can dry quite 3D.
Step 3: Create some small black dots, that will be the high and low points of the cracked eggs.
Step 4: Connect the dots.
Step 5: Paint in the top portion of the nail.
Step 6: Redraw the lines so they will look more crisp.
Step 7: Apply a lot of top coat so the nails are all even since a lot of this nail art can dry very textured. 

How fun are these nails? Also if you look hard enough they might even double as spring tulip flowers nail art ;) 

This post as created for the lovely page Glam-express which is a great spot for all beauty bloggers to swap their work :)


Friday, March 25, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Spring

Spring - that is just too easy of a theme for a challenge so I decided to add some extra stuff to it to make it harder for me. Some of the things I love the most are Sugar skulls, when it comes to nail polish I love glitter. 2 things that don't actually go with spring manicures ... but I think I nailed it *pun intended* 
How cool did these turned out!? I love these nails - subtle but bad ass - perfect for a working manicure for the quite rebel ;)

source: tumblr

As base I used Essence My wish list. The glitters are Essence A winters tale. The stamps are made with Mundo de Unas Lavender and Essence stamp me!white. The stamping plate I used is MoYou London Explorer 28.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

NOTD: Easter bunnies on the run nails

Easter is a great time to wear pastels. They always make me so happy and hopeful for Spring. And what is more joyful and hopeful then happy bunnies jumping across the fields on their way to a big Easter egg? <3

This manicure was so fun to create since it features all that I love - scattered gradient, glitters and adorable stamps. :)

The outer nails are made using Essence You made my day and Hard candy King of pop as base. The eggs are made using MM08 plate, Essence stamp me!white, Catrice Crush on matt and Geometric grays. 
The bunny nails have a scattered gradient as base made of Catrice Geometric grays, Crush on matt and MaxFactor Dazzling blue. The stamps are made with hehe 058 plate and Essence stamp me!white nail polish. 

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NOTD: Something to match my (dark) mood

Recently my life is not so happy or rosy. I am spending a lot of days just depressed and without any energy - and it is starting to show in my art. When I don't need to make something for a review or a challenge I wear nails like this ...

Dark colors match my mood and I like it that way ... too sad to explain more 

The gradient is made using Catrice Roberts red ford, Vino tinto and Pool party at night. The stamps are made with BPS black nail polish and Qgirl 058 plate. The studs are also from BPS.

Some weirdness that sooths my soul and inspires me 

source: tumblr
Do you ever get down? Does it show in your work?


Jessica and Barbara K. Germ blogger event

Recently I was invited to attend an amazing blogger event in my hometown Ljubljana. It was an event organized by the Jessica cosmetics company and Barbara K. Germ firm. Each had a lovely presentation about their work, we had a had some Q & A and fun hang out time with all the other bloggers.  So here are some parts of the event.

The lovely miss Bizjan had an informative lecture about her brand Jessica. She explained to us the firms mentality, the design ideas, its history and their recommended nail care routine. She also explained a lot about the problems specific to Slovenian market and local manicurists. 

With her massive life experience in the nail polish world she was a truly great resource to listen to. We also got a set of nail care products and a lot of literature about it. I learned so much and I am determined to use as many of them to get my nails back in shape. 

The other part of the event was a presentation by Barbara K. Germ, a unique artist that creates glass jewelry. She is working with glass over 20 years and creates accessories that fit the modern woman. Her store is in Ljubljana (Stari trg 12) - so to all my Slovenian followers don't forget to visit when strolling though our lovely city. 

I was blown away by her work! The colors are so vivid and you can tell each part of the design was made by hand and with great love & care. And we even got to choose a ring with a pretty colorful glass particle. I choose this beautiful pink one - just to get it stolen by my mom later :)

The goodie bag from Jessica was amazing! I can't believe how much nail and hand care products it features. I am so grateful since I humbly admit I did not pay enough attention to this part of my nail routine. But with all the new knowledge I will do better. And I will make sure to keep you posted on how much it helped.

Here are my favourite products of the set - a base and top coat. And a colored nail polish named Vintage glam, that is a dusty pinkish lavender. I was amazed at how opaque it was - it required just 1 coat! Amazing <3

Don't forget to visit the amazing event headliners online :)
Jessica Cosmetics Slovenija FB
Jessica nails + Bizjan & co. web page

Barbara K. Germ web page
Barrbara K. Germ FB


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review of Essence Turn it ... Collection

Essence releases 2 new collections of their entire line every year. And those are the most fun times for me since they always add so many cool new things to their already amazing product line. And this Spring/Summer season they stepped up when it comes to offering nail polish top coats. Here is my review of some of the items that caught my eye. 

Honestly they don't look like much. The Turn it ... collection looks like 5 semi sheer muddled nail polishes. But the little blogger in me whispered take them and try them over black nail polish that is when the magic happens. Also I saw this Soap bubble top coat and I thought to myself it might be a cool multi-chrome top coat. Another fun thing to try!

Here you can see the swatches - as you can see the magic is strong! Not only do they create new deep colors when layered over black polishes - they also give a strong shimmer over normal colored polishes. And the magic does not go away if you add matte top coat. 

On the pictures you can see them layered over black (from left to right)
Magic play of light - soap bubble effect - this one is the only one not part of the Turn it ... collection. But I feel like he still fits since it features the same scattered shimmer particles. The only difference is that it creates the most unique multi chrome effect of them all. The colors that shift in this polish range from pink to purple to blue and soft silvers. 
My piece of paradise (Turn it tropical) has a light and dark green shimmer in a sheer base. With a few rare pink shimmers in there that are barley seen with the naked eye and impossible to take a photo off.
Crush on you (Turn it icy) is my personal favorite. It features a deep dark blue shimmer with a few purple sheers in there. I love it! Over black it looks a bit like the legendary China glaze Frostbite
Catch the wave (Turn it aquatic) This one looks very similar to Turn it tropical in the bottle. But on the nail it turns out that it is a lot darker. It has just the one color of dark green shimmer inside. 
To the moon and back (Turn it romantic) I didn't want to take this one since I am not a fan of pinks, it looks almost magenta or neon pink in the bottle. But on the nail it looks a bit more deep magenta color. It creates quite a unique color that makes it a deep dark purple polish.
You are my sunshine (Turn it sunny) this one looks better in the bottle then on the nail (and I had such high hopes for it) it features a mix of yellow, orange and bronze shimmers. That turn the nails a dark bronze metallic shade. 

As you can see I added the top coats over some random jelly nail polishes and then I used a matte top coat over them. They make all the colors even more deep - I guess if I would add even more of layers of the top coat over the black base, the nails would get a whole another personality.

In conclusion if you like nail polish with shimmer in it - or if you like metallic polishes these are the polishes for you. With them you can make any black base nail polish seem like you have metallic nails. Or you can add shimmer to any jelly or creme nail polish.
For me that is a huge plus since a lot of the times I get nail polishes just for the shimmers even thou I already have the base color.

I can't recommend this collection enough,such a great way to save up on feature nail polish purchases.

Head on over to your local drug stores and stock up to save the feature ;)
Here are some helpful Essence links:
Essence Homepage
Essence FB
Essence on IG


*all the items were purchased by me*

Friday, March 18, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: 3 Shades of Green + Chevrons (One piece: Usopp)

Well 3 shades of green and chevrons seems like a pretty simple combination. But since I am on a roll I wanted to squeeze in one more One piece inspired manicure. Besides Zoro ... Usopp is the only one who comes to mind when it comes to a green color scheme. 

He is not one of my favourite Straw hat pirates but still he is quite an interesting one so let me explain where the inspiration comes from. He is a notorious liar which makes him quite useless until the late part of the show when he gets an alter ego. He calls it Sogeking and he finally becomes the kick ass sniper he always lied to be.
So I used that as decoration. Also his Jolly roger and a stamp of the pirate ship he donates the to the Straw hat pirates named Going merry. When that ship is destroyed it was so sad - I can't even talk about it - I have no clue how can the author make me cry over a ship :)

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used China glaze Treble maker as base, the black base and the stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black. The red I used is Mundo de Unas Red. The stamping polishes I used are Kiko Lawn green, BPS 12 and Mundo de Unas Dark green. The colors I used for the Jolly Roger are Essence White wild ways, Roller coaster, We rock the green and Sneezy. The stamping plates I used are hehe 015 and hehe 016 & BM 423. 

source: tumblr

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NOTD: End of the rainbow

This is my 2nd NOTD for St. Patrick's day. Once more I decided not to go with the same design that most of the artist are posting currently - I wanted to create something that ties in with the Leprechaun legends of the Irish. 

I always loved the idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so I decided to incorporate that in these nails. I feel it mixes nicely with the 'Luck charms' theme that is fitting for this festive days. 

The gold clover matches great with the gold shards falling from the rainbow - a very simple nail design anyone can attempt at home - I bet it would look even cooler if you have longer nails. And any heart shaped nail studs will do, that means you can recycle any leftover 3D nail art supplies you have at home from Valentine's day :)

For this manicure I used Sinful colors Bananappeal, Essence Juicy love, Beautiful lies, Barry M Blue grape and p2 Caipiriniha for the gradient rainbow. The same green was used for the pinkie base over it I added Kleancolor Chunky holo clover. The gold glitters are Essence My golden pumps.

I hope you like this nail art. It is another way to wear St. Patty's day themed nails without being to obvious about it. 
Stop by Glam express where these nails are exclusively featured and it a a great spot if you need any  make up and manicure tutorials :) 


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday stamping: Night sky

I haven't done a Sunday Stamping challenge in such a long time ... Then I saw that today's theme is Night sky and I just had to join in! :)

I wanted to do something abstract, gloomy and romantic looking so this is what I came up with ... 

source: tumblr
I like and hate how it turned out ... I like the colors and the subtle shimmers & glitters. So gothic and sad looking ... But I do not like my stupid nail shape - natural nails are the worst! But I had to give them a break for a while ;(

These tumblr gifs are all so pretty <3 I could just stare at them all day long <3

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Darkest hour as base, over it I added Essence Crush on you to give it the deep blue shimmer. The glitters are Wynie 812 that I only added on the tips of my nails. The stamps are made with MoYou London Time traveller Back to the 20s 4 plate and Essence stamp me!black polish.

source: tumblr
This is a great way to end the Sunday - a great pallet cleanser for all the fun and bright nail art coming this week :)


Friday, March 11, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Food (One piece: Sanji)

Today's part of the challenge is FOOD - and my all time favorite chef is Sanji form the One piece Anime! Every pirate crew needs a cook and Sanji is that with the Straw hat pirates! But DAMN that boy has so much swag that I forget sometimes that he is a cook <3 

Sanji is one sexy man - he is one of the few anime characters (or as it is recently anywhere, including movies and TV shows) that smokes #sosexy 
His battle style is using only kicks nothing else - you can't imagine how impressive that looks. His clothes are always suits that I have a fetish for and he cooks! What more could you want ;) 

source: tumblr

Therefore I used his signature fancy eyebrow and suits as inspiration. His cooking related Jolly Roger and some seafood since that is what he makes a lot of the time for the crew. Mind you they travel on a sea full of deep water monsters that they catch and then cook - does that not sound like a dream life? ;)

For all the white and black part of this manicure I used Essence stamp me! white and black. The nude base is OPI You're so Vain-illa, the blue base is L.A. Girl Brilliant blue. The suit and the eyebrow are free hand drawn. The silver details are made with Star gazer 232. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Cookbook 11 and hehe 016. The red stamping polish is by Mundo de Unas

Now how impressive is a guy that kicks a hole in the wall while smoking? *swoon*

source: tumblr

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