Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TUTORIAL: Hearts in a frame nail art

It is that time of the year again when everything smells of romance. Therefore I gave in and created this flirty nail art featuring black and pink, two colors that always look great together. I feel like this turned out great! <3 

It maybe seems like these nails are hard to do specially since they feature nail stamping. Don't worry about that part since any stamping pattern can be hand drawn or completely swapped for something more simple like dots or stripes that are very easy to reproduce by anyone :)

For this manicure you need a good neon pink polish, I used China glaze Glow with the flow. You need a strong black that is opaque in one coat. I used the same polish from stamps and the rest of the nail art, polish named Essence Stamp me!black. I choose a Valentines stamping plate my Messy Mansion named MM31. To make the details on the nails use a good striping tape and some heart shaped fimo slices to crown the nails. 

Step 1: Apply base polish - make sure it is completely dried by the time you move on to step 2.
Step 2: Apply the striping tape. I added it to the nail in a way that a small little triangular windows can be created. The accent nail has a small cross on it just to look a bit different. But make sure to remember how you applied them because you need to remove them the same way.
Step 3: Apply the nail stamps over the tape. Or free hand draw over them, use the whichever technique you feel more comfortable with. 
Step 4: Apply the polish to black out the nails and create a frame that way. But make sure that you don't go over the tape or the lines won't look so crisp anymore.  
Step 5: Make sure to remove the tape as soon as possible after adding the black polish, with that you ensure that the polish doesn't dry to fast and make the removal difficult.
Step 6: Time to clean up all the mess we made and apply the little hearts on the spots where the tapes crossed before. Try to choose the type of hearts that will stand out and not blend with the other hearts and colors in the background. 

And there you have it! Some fun and flashy nail art to celebrate the most romantic month of the year! <3

This post was made for the lovely ladies at Glam-express. Head on over and see more tutorials for nail art or make up <3



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