Sunday, February 14, 2016

TUTORIAL: Cupids arrows nail art

I already created some very cute nail art for this Valentines seasons but now it is time to make a manicure that looks a bit more hip and something even a tough girl would want to wear. The idea was to make nail art full of cupids arrows and I love how it turned out! The black, white & gold combination is perfect and the use of the dark red instead of the traditional bright one makes it seem like something a girl can wear even past the romance season :) 

For this manicure you don't need much and it is so simple to make anyone can do it. You need a good white base polish, I used Essence White wild ways. A good dark red polish for the accent nail and the feathers on the arrows, I used Catrice Robert's red Ford. You will also require a good black polish and a thin brush, I used LA Colors Art deco black. Also since I wanted to arrow tips to be hearts I used the gold heart shaped studs I got from BPS.

Step 1: Apply the base polishes.
Step 2: Create the vertical lines that will be the body of the arrows that will be the only ones that are entirely on the nail. 
Step 3: Add more lines that will be the arrows that are chopped on the nail. Also make the 1st line that will be the crossed over arrows on the accent nail. When you are making these arrow lines make sure to keep the apart or finishing them will be tricky. 
Step 4: Make even more lines and the other line on the accent nail. When adding these extra lines be sure to think ahead. Or just create the nail art one arrow at the time.
Step 5: Add the gold heart shaped studs on where you decide the ends of the arrows are. Also make 4 stripes on each of the accent nail so the arrows get their feathers. Just try to make sure that they are vaguely the same angle and length.
Step 6: Give the other arrows on the white nails some feathers. I decided that 2 lines per arrow are enough or the nails would look too busy. Also I made them in red so they match the accent nail. After this don't forget to add a generous coat of top coat so the little studs don't fall off.

And here they are very simple and a subtle tribal nails for V-day :) 

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 



  1. Love it! The cupid arrows look great.

  2. This is cute! I love the arrows aren't all going the same direction. The crossed arrows on the red is my favorite nail. I really like the way it brings that pop of color.


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