Saturday, February 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Cloudy sky nails

This time of Spring is very rainy and cloudy where I am from. The weather makes everything seem so gloomy, and the view from my room always has clouds and birds sitting on electrical wires. So that is what I choose as my inspiration, but I just had to add some glitter to it all - or it would all seem way to sad. And these nails turned out amazing! <3 

This is another such manicure that looks very complicated but is very easy to do! You just need to take the time and summon the courage to try it. The way I created this nails is that stamping (I know that is not every ones favorite technique) is optional. So if you don't want to do it just skip the last step. 

What you need for this cloudy manicure is a nice but sad looking grey, I used Essie Chinchilly. A good and opaque white, I used Essence Wild white ways. I added some glitter to make the nails a bit more fairy tale like, I used Beauty woman Ice cream ella. You will also need a dotting tool. For the stamps I used Essence stamp me!black and MM14 plate, if you like the more main brand plates the same pattern is also available in the latest Bundle monster collection. 

Step 1: Apply the base polish, I recommend a light grey or a periwinkle blue.
Step 2: Apply the glitter polish. Make sure the colors are also mostly pastels or they will crash with the rest of the art.
Step 3: Make 3 bigger dots on the spot where you decided there will be clouds. They don't have to be too close together, just a guideline. But they must be apart from each other or they will all turn into one big cloud which is not the look we are going for. 
Step 4: While still using the dotting tool, fill in the blanks in between the ones made before. Make the dots are random as possible and the cloud shapes will form on their own. 
Step 5: Add even more such dots, maybe even use a smaller dotting tool to make the smaller parts of the clouds on their edges. But don't forget to look at the other clouds so they don't form one big one.
Step 6: Apply the stamp of the birds on the wire. Also add a lot of top coat since the clouds can turn out a bit bumpy. 

This is the close up of the finished nails. I think they look very cool and when you try to reproduce them you see they are very simple to make. All you do is make dots and then add more dots and the cloud formations form on their own :) 

This tutorial was created for Glam-express, a great page to scroll through and brighten up a cloudy day with all the beauty posts the are featured there. 



  1. Very cool! I love how the clouds look like they're actually hovering over the glitter.


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