Friday, February 19, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Red + Brush stroke (One piece: Chopper)

Once more the parameters of the challenge fit the fan girl idea I had in my head. Brushstroke is one of my all time favorite techniques and since it is time to make a Chopper manicure the red color is perfect. Once more I love the way this One piece inspired manicure turned out!!! <3

Here you can see Chopper - he is the doctor of the One piece Straw hat pirate crew. And yes he is a small reindeer that can change shape. I like him thou and I must admit from time to time as I remember his prequel story it makes me so sad :( Dear God Eiichiro Oda the author relay knows how to make me cry ...

source: tumblr
The inspiration for this manicure was his Jolly Roger flag, a red doctors cross and a red X cross that represents the Straw hat crew and the cross he wears on his hat. Also I made a kawaii small Chopper on a pink bed of sakura blossoms since a big, sad part of his story are sakura blossoms *don't make me explain it I will cry, just google it* 

For this nail art I used hehe 015 and 016 plates to create the 2 decals. The sakura stamps are from MoYou London Comics 5 plate. The white and black polishes used are Essence Stamp me! black and white. The pink stamping polish is Ya Quin An 15. The other polishes I used are Barry M Passion fruit, Essence Hola, guapa!, Desert fox, Catrice Madam Butterfly and Britt chick

One more kawaii gif of him, where you can see him in one of his other forms that he takes on when it is time to fight :)

source: tumblr


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