Friday, January 22, 2016

NOTD: Bubble bath nails

I discovered this adorable ducky stamp the other day on my MoYou London Princess 4 plate. And I knew I had to use it to make some soapy nails with this stamp as the main attraction. And look how kawaii it all turned out! <3

Since the colors of rubber duckies are bright I choose a dark but glittery base. And some bubble stamps to make it seem like the base is a glamorous bubble bath.

For this manicure I used Essence Confetteria as base. The bubbles are made with BM XL25 stamping plate and Essence Stamp me! White polish. I created the duckie using MoYou London Princess 4 plate and Essence stamp me! Black polish. Then I painted in the duck with OPI Where did Suzi's man-go? and Julep Lexie.

This post was created for the page Glam express. Head on over if you need some inspiration and a good beauty related read in your next bubble bath ;)



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