Sunday, January 10, 2016

Irresistible Me Review: Jade hair chain

Today I have something special for you! I was contacted by the online shop Irresistible me to review some of their items and this is the 1st one of the series. Irresistible me is a page that is offering all types of hair related beauty products. Since my hair looks like a pastel rainbow I decided to try out some of their hair accessories that will flatter them. And I instantly feel in love <3 

I was looking for a chunky head decoration for some time and now I had the opportunity to try their Jade hair chain. It is a big statement piece that seems quite heavy, thou due to its design I had no problem wearing it. Made me feel like a Flower queen <3 

The gold chain goes only half way around the head since the back side of it affixed to an elastic band that makes sure that the chain stays in place. Also it makes it seem as if it is feather light. The gold line that is set in the middle of the head is optional. Meaning you can remove it and use only the round part of the headband. But I am a big believer in huge statement pieces so I left it on. 

What makes this hair chain extra special are the little gems that fit on the middle of the forehead. It features magenta and green gems. There are smaller such gems on the side of the chain - where it meets the hair band.

I am in love with this product and I just can't wait for summer to come so I can wear it on the beach or to all the night club parties!

If you are also on the hunt for a good statement piece visit the page Irresistible me or any type of other hair products. A bonus: all their products come in a very pretty box that keeps all the glamorous items safe :)


*the items was send to me for my honest review*


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