Friday, January 22, 2016

Irresistible Me Review: Blake headband

Today I have for you a review of a pretty and a little bit gothic Blake Headband from the online store Irresistible me. They offer a lot of hair extensions and tools, thou it was all the accessories that caught my eye.

I was always on the hunt for a perfect headband. All I ever owned gave me horrible headaches. It was usually due to their size or how the ends were padded. So I was a bit sceptical when I got this one. It has a light metal frame, covered with light satin even on the edges. And on one side there is a beautiful bow detail also created with satin. I was endlessly happy when I noticed that not even after hours of wearing it (something that was never possible before) I didn't get any migraines :)

Here you can see how perfectly the headband fits me and holds the hair back. It is great for any type of outfit. Either going out for coffee in jeans or a glam rock look for a night out :)

If you are also on the hunt for a good statement piece visit the page Irresistible me or any type of other hair products. A bonus: all their products come in a very pretty box that keeps all the glamorous items safe :)


*the items was send to me for my honest review*


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