Monday, January 25, 2016

Irresistible Me Review: Aida Hair chain

This is the last of my reviews I created for Irresistible me. They are an international online store that sells hair extensions, tools and accessories. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their Aida hair chain. It is an unique hair decoration that I have never seen before, but had a lot of fun using! :)

The hair decoration is made out of 2 large hair pins. They are baroque gold pins full of filigree and swirls that are crowned with some pearls and two very large diamond like gems. One is a bit bigger then the other. So you can wear it together or apart on top of your hairdo. The chains are quite delicate and in 3 different lenghts. I decided to tangle the 2 longer ones and make a nice little cross that fitted right in the middle of my forehead. 

The decorative pins are mounted on a little crocodile clip which means you can also wear them as decoration on your clothes. There is no need to wear it only as hair accessories. 

I like this hair chain. It is unique and very versatile. Here I posted only one look, but there were a million other ways I tried to wear it and it was hard to decide which style I like best :)

If you are also on the hunt for a good statement piece visit the page Irresistible me or any type of other hair products. A bonus: all their products come in a very pretty box that keeps all the glamorous items safe :)


*the items was send to me for my honest review*


  1. OMG That's so elegant!! I love it! <3

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