Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY: Advent Calendar art with Essence

If you are like me then you still have empty Advent calendars laying around because they are just to cute to throw in the trash. I was looking at my sad empty Essence Advent calendar and it hit me! DIY Wall art!!! 
Each of the small widows has some writing on it. And a lot of them are pretty inspirational quotes or very funny nail jokes. Is there a better way to decorate your nail art corner or salon? <3

So this is what I came up with - it is so cute and cheap to make. And you can make it with any left over Advent calenders since almost all of them what some nice little notes written on the inside of each window :)

Here you can see how my empty Advent calendar looks like :)

This is a close up of the little windows that I cut out. As you can see they have a bunch of adorable quotes written in very nice fonts - such a great collection of nice sayings :)

The only other things that you will need for this DIY craft is some glue, a nice background paper and a frame. Since all the little notes are on a white base I used a shiny black paper and a type of grey patterned frame. 

Then it is time to arrange all the little notes in any way you like. And this is what I came up with. I love how it turned out! <3 

Also a cute little photo shoot with all the polishes from the Calendar was mandatory. 

And here are some other items I created using old Essence perfume packages. I just adore the boxes that their products come in - and see they double as cute little pictures <3 

Thank you Essence and keep up the good work with the unique designs on your products :)

I hope you got some fun ideas what to do with the left over Christmas items still laying around the house :)



  1. Oh my goodness that's a fantastic idea!! <3

  2. It looked like a fun advent calendar with a lot of different nail colors.

  3. This is such a fantastic and creative idea! I love it!


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