Thursday, January 14, 2016

Avon Attraction Perfume Review

I do not own a lot of Avon products, but their Slovenian team was nice enough to give me their Perfume Attraction. It is only the mini package but the fragrance is quite delicate and strong so it will last me for quite some time. 

The bottle contains 10ml of Avon Attraction for Her. And the smell is so decadent and full of opulence I just had to pair it with some pretty gold items :)

The scent is quite complex. It features a strong sweet scent, but it also has a faint fresh smell. The notes of sandalwood or musk are prominent. At the same time there is a type of berry scent present. It makes the perfume seem neutral and not too feminine. Something a classy lady would wear to a business meeting or to a dinner date. 

It is a perfume of good quality since the scent stays with you for hours, which is important to me since a lot of times I feel as if the smell is gone in under an hour. 

I love this perfume and will for sure buy a bigger bottle when I run out of this one :)

If you are not sold yet see their fun and sexy commercial and order up ;)

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  1. Oooooh that sounds really nice!

  2. Meni ima simpatičen vonj, mogoče ne pretirano ekstra special ampak je res nosljiv:)


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