Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alessandro nail products review

Thou it was quite some time ago since the Event of the year - the Beauty blogger meet up I am still recovering. In one of the goodie bags there was a small treasure chest containing a lot of Alessandro products. I must admit their products are a bit out of my price range, therefore I was extra happy to get so many! Thank you so much Alessandro team <3 

This is what I got in my goodie bag. I was the most excited for the fancy nail polish themed drink and a new nail file. Then I got my hands on the red polish - and thought to myself what a cheap looking thing - until I saw it is actually the world cutest USB key <3 
I also got a glitter polish from their Glam rock collection named Black diamond and a Veggie Nail creme.

The pink nail file I got is amazing for forming fake nails. As I was creating the base nails for the swatches below I used it. It is a great item since one side is very coarse and the other a lot softer. So you can form and buff your nails with only one file. Which is always a plus for me since I am not a fan of having to use a million products to finish a look.

An unexpected favorite was the Veggie Nail creme that is cucumber & melon 'flavour'. The creme is quite thick and easy to apply. It is quite sticky and I love it's formula since it stays on the nails and cuticles longer so it has time to soak up. I was a bit sceptic at first since I hate cucumbers and melons but the smell is divine! It is fresh and fruity scent that makes your fingertips feel refreshed and restored.

And this is a swatch of Alessandro Black diamond. I scored since I got the only glitter nail polish in the collection. It features a dark blue sheer jelly base filled with all hex glitters. They come in micro magenta, big pink and light blue, medium green and dark blue. For the swatch I applied 2 coats over a black base, so this tells you how packed with glitter this polish is <3 

I hope you enjoyed this mixed review. So if you are interested in more Alessandro products visit their FaceBook page. And for all my Slovenian readers don't forget to visit the web store E-kozmetika where you can get all the Alessandro products :)


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