Friday, January 15, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Things that fly

Things that fly - I guess a butterfly is a very obvious choice. But I got inspired by the winged keys from Harry Potter. They had very interesting wings that looked like insect ones so I decided to make the rest of the manicure with butterflies since no other insects inspired me :) And what would a key be without a lock? I just love how this turned out - so mystic but feminine at the same time <3

I loved these things in Harry Potter so I decided to use them as my inspiration :)
source: wiki

For this manicure I used PrettyPots Pink spring on the outer nails. The inner nails has Essence Hello rosy as base. It is stamped over with MoYou London Gothic 11 plate and China glaze Scandalous shenanigans. Over it I stamped with Kiko Gold and MoYou London Gothic 7 plate.

With the passing of the great Alan Rickman - prof. Snape I am dedicating this manicure to him :,(



  1. Love your inspiration! I'm pretty impressed there is a plate with winged keys on it too!


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