Sunday, December 6, 2015

TUTORIAL: Abstract leopard print nail art

Today I have for you some abstract nail art - the type of abstract art that if you squint at it long enough you can see something special. In this case a very artsy leopard print pattern. 

I got the idea to make this nails the other day when I found this Yes Love nail polish that has leopard spots shaped glitter inside - I hope you will enjoy this tutorial :) 

Before I start listing what you need for this manicure, note that the focal point of this nail art is the specific polish that has leopard spots as glitter. I know that is not something everyone has in their polish collection. So keep in mind you can always just free hand draw the spots or use a stamping plate. 
For this manicure I used OPI Life gave me lemons as base. I used Yes love F1-1 for the leopard glitter and Essence Wild white ways for the details. You will also need a good top coat polish, a dotting tool and some round studs, preferably in a shade that matches the animal print colors. 

Step 1: Use the base polish.
Step 2: Apply the leopard glitters. Feel free to use any colors or any type of placement. I decided to only place them on the root of the nail so the rest can be filled with other details. These type of glitters can stick out of the nail since they are flat. Therefore don't forget a generous coat of clear polish to smooth it out.
Step 3: Add round studs in the 'holes' of the leopard spots so they get another dimension. I put them in random spots so the pattern doesn't look to busy.
Step 4: With the dotting tool add white spots. I used them to fill in the blank spots between the bigger spots and some spaces round it to make the pattern look more fluid. Also don't forget to use another coat of clear polish or gel polish to smooth out all the 3D parts of the manicure. 

Here you can see the finished nails and I love how artsy they turned out - something to wear on a gallery opening or a stroll down the art district of downtown ;) 

This tutorial was created for Glam express a great place to find some amazing beauty art :) 



  1. Nice tutorial on how to create these nails. The bright green base polish is fun.


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