Wednesday, December 30, 2015

League of Legends manicure: Illaoi the Kraken princess

League of Legends announced their new champion Illaoi the Kraken princess! And OMG I am in love!!! I love that RIOT is finally exploring some alternative female characters like Jinx and now her <3 She reminds me a bit of Korra from Avatar. She is not your usual tits out champion that is here only to do the fanboys service :)

This is her Illaoi the Kraken princess - how amazing is she? A combination of tribal artwork and tentacles and that is what was the inspiration for my nail art.

Here you can see her in action! Tentacles everywhere and I like her strange weapon - orb -thingy :)

For this manicure I used Essence Wild white ways, Wet n Wild Darkest hour and Catrice In the armee glow as base. The glitter I used is Yes love 5. The stamping polishes I used are BPS 1, Mundo de Unas Teal and Essence Grab this hype. The stamping plates I used are BM XL25, BM 401 and Cheeky Viva Mexico.

Here are my favorite quotes by Illaoi from the game:
''How could I love only one man? They break to easily.''
''No love is impossible, my god demands you follow your desires.''
''What kind of stupid god made you?''


Monday, December 28, 2015

I was featured in an Article about Pokemon inspired nail art

No I am not recycling an old look just bragging a bit! I was so honored to find out that I was featured in an article that is about nail art inspired by Pokemon. 

So if you want to see the article and the rest of the amazing nail art for the other PokeFans click on this LINK

Here is my original post LINK
And I still love this look - thunderbolts just look so cool no matter how many time I see them :)

Gotta catch them all! ;)


TUTORIAL: Gold fireworks nail art

The longest night of the year is coming closer and it is time to put on your shiniest dresses and wear the most glittery nail art to celebrate the coming of the New Year in style. 

Today I have for you a festive and simple nail art tutorial that will make you the star of the night with mini fireworks exploding on your fingertips ;)

For this manicure you will need a black polish, ideally it has some micro glitters mixed in, I choose Essence Gold old buffy. Then you require 2 polishes with at least 2 different sized glitters, I used China glaze Angel wings and Catrice Two Million dollar baby. You will also need some gold caviar beads and some simple gold round studs.

Step 1: Apply base polish. Make sure it is dark.
Step 2: Apply the micro glitter nail polish. But only on the top part of the nail. Apply it in layers so it looks like a glitter gradient. 
Step 3: Apply the bigger glitters over the smaller ones. Also add some of them over the black part of the nail so it will look like a real glitter gradient.
Step 4: Apply the big gold studs. But a bit under the edge of the nail so there will be room for the caviar beads.
Step 5: Apply the caviar beads around the top edge of the nail, stop applying them when you are on the middle of the nail.
Step 6: Apply the small gold beads under the big round stud. Add as many as you like since this will be the longest line of all the nail art, so it should be longer then the previous lines you created on the edge of the nails.
Step 7: Apply some random caviar beads in the empty spots between the edge lines and the middle line made of beads. 

The finished result looks amazing! I love how festive and fun they look. Just don't forget some strong gel top coat that will make sure you don't loose any particles while celebrating :) 

If you need any more ideas for the upcoming festive season feel free to visit the page Glam express. I made this tutorial for them.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Afrodita Raspberry cream Shower gel Review

When I was on the recent Slovenian beauty bloggers convention Afrodita cosmetics was one of the main sponsors and they showered us with gifts! I was so overwhelmed - then to top it off there was a small wheel of fortune that yield gifts and I won this amazing Shower gel! #lucky :)

This is one of those amazing smelling shower gels that needs a Warning sign that says DO NOT EAT! because it smells delicious! It smells like yogurt raspberry creme on top of a raspberry flavoured muffin covered with sweet and delicious goodness! The smell is intoxicating and very strong which for me is always a plus. I love the smell of a shower gel that stays on the skin for hours. 

This is an amazing product and I can't wait to get my hands on more of the shower gels from this product line! Afrodita cosmetics outdid themselves here!

If you want to follow them feel free to click on any of the links below:
Afrodita Cosmetics Web page
Afrodita FB
Afrodita IG


Friday, December 25, 2015

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: New Year

Since New Year is the time for the biggest parties I thought to myself what would be my dream party? And it would be by a landslide a party at The Great Gatsby! I love the story and the movie is one of my all time favorites! The songs from the movie, I always make my friends play them at parties so it makes sense I make some Gatsby nails for this festive time of the year :)

source: tumblr

For this manicure I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour as base. Over 2 nails I added some p2 Go dangerous! I created the stamps with Kiko Gold polish and plate named BP43. Also Barry M Silver foil in combination with CA-34 and Lily Anna 8 plates.

In case you didn't see the movie here is poster of it and you can see all the main characters and the main design that is shown in the movie - the geometric pattern that were prevalent in the 1920s.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: XMas + Waterfall

I had this stamping plate from Bundle monster waiting for me to do some nice nail art with for such a long time. I decided to use it at this time - waterfall or silly abstract forest it is the same for me at this time ;)

I love how this turned out. No waterfall needed I feel like - this nails tuned out great and if you look at it from a different angle it almost looks like falling water ;)

To make this manicure I used the ultimate Christmas polish - PrettyPots Christmas treats. Over it I stamped with BM407 and Essence stamp me!black


Thursday, December 17, 2015

NOTD: Elegant Holiday nail art

All the blogs are full of snowflakes, Santas and reindeers but I am not feeling it. I just don't want to wear manicures that blend in the crowd of art that others are posting. Why make Holiday nails seem silly and childish with the same designs all the time? 
Therefore I decided to make an elegant manicure that still seems festive enough to be a part of any December nail art collection ;)

I wanted to create a look that is a combination of very opaque dark color and happy glitter that is a must in this time of the year *see I can be traditional* But since I didn't have a base polish that would match my idea I made a mix of what I have to create the perfect base. 

To make the base I used Essence Time for romance. It is a dark almost brown glitter polish that just does not look happy enough for this time of the year. So over it I applied 1 coat of Catrice Marilyn & Me, that is a sheer red but filled with micro glitters as you can see from the bottle on the picture. Together they formed a perfect red glitter base. 

To finish the nail art I applied some vintage and elegant pattern that fits perfectly. I used BP-17 stamping plate and Mundo de Unas Dark green stamping polish that is so opaque the contrast they create is magnificent. I adore these nails and they turned out just as I imagined! <3  

This NOTD was created for the page Glam express. If you are looking for more NOTD inspiration don't forget to visit them. 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

NOTD: Xmas Starfish nails

If you are like me the you bought a bunch of Summer charms and nail decorations. And now it is Xmas time and I will show you how you can use these Summer purchases in the cold Winter ;)

All you need are 2 colors that seem traditional for the season and you can't go wrong with red & green. If you use colors like that then the fact you used Summer charms won't be noticeable.

I used 2 Zoya Pixie dusts Chyna and Chita. I created square gradients with them. Over them I added some Starfish charms I got from Bornpretty store.

As you can see the stars fit nicely. The fact they are Starfish charms doesn't play a role. I feel like they fit perfectly among the Xmas colors.

I hope you enjoyed this nail art and some quick tips on how to recycle some Summer purchases. This post was created for Glam express where a lot more of my work is featured.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Winter / Ashe the Frost archer

When someone says winter I immediately think of Ashe from the League of Legends game. She is a classic champion that uses a bow and arrows, whatever she hits turns to ice, or gets frozen or something nasty and cold happens. Needless to say snowflakes and arrows are everywhere :)

So I used her as the inspiration for this manicure.

This is her in her Frost Queen skin that makes her seem so regal - perfect considering she is the queen of a big land in the game.

This is the same design but the art made for Chinese servers - I don't understand why do our Servers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting art. 

I got inspired by all the arrows and snowflakes that are the usual if you play Ashe. But I also added a crown as she is a queen and she deserves one - also I created a small pinkie finger that is a copy of her clothes.

For this manicure I used KBS Shimmer Snow much fun as base. The pinkie has a gradient made with China glaze So blue without you, Seahorsin around, LA Girl Brilliant blue and Color club Love you to pieces. The stamps are made with Kiko Gold, BPS 9 and Mundo de Unas Blue. The stamping plates I used are BM08, BP05, BM606, hehe017 and MoYou Festive 8

My favorite Ashe quotes in game:
''I do my best work from afar.''
''Do not confuse mercy for weakness''


Sunday, December 6, 2015

TUTORIAL: Abstract leopard print nail art

Today I have for you some abstract nail art - the type of abstract art that if you squint at it long enough you can see something special. In this case a very artsy leopard print pattern. 

I got the idea to make this nails the other day when I found this Yes Love nail polish that has leopard spots shaped glitter inside - I hope you will enjoy this tutorial :) 

Before I start listing what you need for this manicure, note that the focal point of this nail art is the specific polish that has leopard spots as glitter. I know that is not something everyone has in their polish collection. So keep in mind you can always just free hand draw the spots or use a stamping plate. 
For this manicure I used OPI Life gave me lemons as base. I used Yes love F1-1 for the leopard glitter and Essence Wild white ways for the details. You will also need a good top coat polish, a dotting tool and some round studs, preferably in a shade that matches the animal print colors. 

Step 1: Use the base polish.
Step 2: Apply the leopard glitters. Feel free to use any colors or any type of placement. I decided to only place them on the root of the nail so the rest can be filled with other details. These type of glitters can stick out of the nail since they are flat. Therefore don't forget a generous coat of clear polish to smooth it out.
Step 3: Add round studs in the 'holes' of the leopard spots so they get another dimension. I put them in random spots so the pattern doesn't look to busy.
Step 4: With the dotting tool add white spots. I used them to fill in the blank spots between the bigger spots and some spaces round it to make the pattern look more fluid. Also don't forget to use another coat of clear polish or gel polish to smooth out all the 3D parts of the manicure. 

Here you can see the finished nails and I love how artsy they turned out - something to wear on a gallery opening or a stroll down the art district of downtown ;) 

This tutorial was created for Glam express a great place to find some amazing beauty art :) 


40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Glitter topper + Watercolor

Ladies I have no clue what Watercolor part of this challenge is ... So I decided to make some nails that feature very light colors the way they seem if you actually use them. They always seemed so light to me since they are so easily deluded with water if you try to paint with watercolors. 

I wore this manicure on the Slovenian beauty bloggers event and they were a hit - I just love how they turned out <3 

To make the gradient I used Kiko 389, Barry M Blueberry, China glaze More to explore, Essence Love is in the air and Catrice LOVEnder. I stamped over with Essence stamp me! white and MoYou London Princess 13 plate. The glitter I used underneath is Essence Truth or dare

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