Friday, November 27, 2015

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Cartoons & Comics/ D. Gray - man

Cartoons and comics translate in my world into Anime and Manga. And the one that affected me the most to a point that is my all time favorite ever is D. Gray - man! It is so skillfully made that every frame moves me and inspires me a lot more than Sailor moon or One piece (the animes I posted about before)

This manga is a bit like Full Metal Alchemist only darker, sadder, but so much deeper and beautiful. Each individual story is created in a way that brings out of me the most sorrowful feelings but at the end due to the nature of the characters inspires me to be more hopeful. The author had a lot of issues in the past years to a point that the manga stopped being published *that news crushed my soul* But recently she is slowly making a come back and the entire D. Gray - man fandom is holding it's breath for her new work 


Here you can see the main character Allen Walker - a character that is one and the other one the picture elow, both dark and light - but none since the story is not yet done ... 

For my inspiration I used the things of the show that had the biggest impact on me and are connected to the main character. There are so many amazing creatures lurking in this show I could take a year and make manicures just dedicated to this show :)
As you can see for the inspiration I used Allen's eye tattoo, the face of a Noah with their trademark yellow eyes and cross scars, the melody notes of the 14th song and the skin of a victim that was attacked by an akuma

Here you can see the main character Allen as he looks like in the Anime. Also you can see his eye tattoo that constantly changes shape. 

These are the Noah clan - the bad guys of the show. I can't even describe how cool they are! They are evil but so amazing you can't just hate them. And to make everything more difficult but so classic D. Gray man each of them has 2 looks and 2 different personalities <3

For this manicure I used Golden rose 101 for the nude base. The white base and nail art is made with Essence White wild ways. The black details and the stamp are made with Essence stamp me black. The plate I used is YH810. The yellow I used for the eyes is Julep Lexie and the red is Dashica Red.

Here you can see all the openings of the show - watch them and tell me that they don't give you goosebumps <3


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