Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TUTORIAL: Sugar skull nails

Some of my all time favorite Halloween masks are Sugar skulls thou I know they are not part of the Halloween tradition. I love them since they are the perfect combination of creepy and happy which is a tough concept to get across :)

Here is the art I came up with and I think they look so cute and a bit scary <3

For this manicure you will need a good white polish, I used Essence Wild white ways. A black polish I used a no name Skull polish. Some colorful neon glitter polish (since I don't have China glaze) I used Yes Love G17-5. A very thin brush to create the details. Big rose charms - you can get them at Bornpretty store or Lady queen beauty and some black heart shaped studs. If you don't have them in black take any other heart shaped stud and just paint over it. And don't forget some gel polish or nail glue to make sure that the big rose charms will stay on the nail!

Step 1 - 3: I didn't took pictures since it is self-explanatory. Apply white polish and over it the glitter polish. These are important to make the look more authentic since sugar skulls usually come in a variety of colors. Then take your black polish and start making little elongated half circles on the sides of your nail. Make sure you start a little bit under the half of your nail. Then paint them in. These will serve as the parts that will define the skull shape. 
Step 4: Apply the rose charms. I choose a bunch of happy and bright colors to compliment the glitters. Try to apply them with nail glue or clear gel polish so they wont fall off. When you are applying them set them on the upper part of the spot you left for the face so the proportions will be correct.
Step 5: Apply the black hearts to give skulls noses. Apply them closer to the rose eyes so there will be enough space for the further design. Once more apply it with the glue of your choosing so they stay on longer. 
Step 6: Create a straight line near the bottom of the nail. Make it quite thin. If you like make it in a U shape and it will seem like the skull is smiling.
Step 7: Make 3 small vertical lines for teeth. 1st make the middle one and then one more on each side so it all looks symmetrical. If you don't want it to look to 3D apply top coat over everything so the surfaces are smooth.

This is the finished look and I think they look so festive and fun <3 

So far I was creating mostly subtle Halloween nails and this time I wanted to go in another way. These are anything but subtle. I love how loud they are since I feel that is the point of Dios de Los Muertos ;)

These nails were created for Glam express that is a page full of ally types of cool Halloween and beauty stuff - so head on over and check out the other talented ladies :) 


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