Saturday, October 31, 2015

TUTORIAL: Subtle Halloween nail art

My last Halloween nail art tutorial I made was big, bold, colorful and very overstated. So let's do things a bit more subtle this time :) Not only that I also decided to use some classic nail art supplies like striping tape and crackle nail polish. 

What you need for a manicure like that is a bright orange and a crackle polish. I used China glaze Sun worshipper and Fault line. I also used Wet n Wild Darkest hour to top it all off. Don't forget some striping tape, and some water decals or stamps to decorate your nails a bit at the end. 

Step 1: Apply the bright orange polish. Sometimes the crackle polishes dissolve the base polish so make sure to apply a top coat before step 2.
Step 2: Apply crackle polish. And then wait and make sure that the base is dry before going on.
Step 3: Apply striping tape. I did it at random. Know that the more of it you apply the more of the base combination will show which makes the finished nails a lot less demure. 
Step 4: Apply the black polish. Make sure it is opaque and don't wait too long for it to dry.
Step 5: Remove the striping tape. Do that as fast as you can after applying the black polish or the removal of the tape will be to problematic. Also remove the tape in the reverse sequence as you applied it or it might smudge the pattern if the tape is overlapping. 
Step 6: Apply the water decals or nail stamps. I choose something in contrast to the base and with a slight Halloween theme so the manicure still looks in season. Don't forget a generous coat of top coat polish or the nails won't look very smooth. 

This is the finished nail and I think it looks amazing! And such a great way to use our old crackle polishes that are not that trendy anymore :) 

These nails were made as part of Halloween beauty posts on the page Glam express. Feel free to visit them since they are a great place for inspiration. 



  1. Awesome tutorial for these nails! Love the combination of the shatter, striping tape design, and bats!

  2. Zelo všečna manikura! Nikoli se nebi spomnila uporabe crackle laka kot podlago, morem res enkrat sprobat kaj podobnega, ker je super izpadlo =)


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