Friday, October 16, 2015

Collaboration post: Autumn colors Manicure

Me and the swatch queen Tara from The Beauty of Nail polish decided to make collaboration nail art inspired by Fall.
Since all the blogs are full of Halloween themes we wanted to make something a bit different. And since we are both big fans of holographic polishes that was also part of the theme. 

I went for a radial gradient made with holos to represent the warm glow of the inside fireplace that keeps me warm in these cold and rainy days. But to keep myself entertained I usually read books or cheesy horoscopes I can find in random lady magazines. And that is what Fall is all about for me since I don't like the cold or the gloomy rainy weather :)

I created the gradient with Color club Beyond, Jade Mystic gold and Jade Vermelho surreal. The stamps over it are made with Y020 stamping plate and Essence Stamp me! white polish.

Here you saw just my part of the collaboration but you must see what Tara came up with - her nail art is so on point you must see this!!! <3 

And visit her other Social media to keep in touch:



  1. Just gorgeous! Love the effect of the colors bursting out from the middle.

  2. I love the radial gradient! It really does look like embers emitting from the fireplace.


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