Friday, October 30, 2015

BPS no.8 Stamping polish Review

Here is the last of the stamping polishes I got to review from Bornpretty store. The one today is Bornpretty store no.8 Stamping polish. It is a cold purple shade that is perfect for even more Halloween manicures. 

I have been seeing this similar design everywhere and I finally got the chance to recreate it :)

I tested it over a white and black base polish. And I was amazed how strong the color shined over black. It didn't lose almost any shade in its opacity. The polish applied easily on the plate and it was easy to work with when it was time to stamp it.

The graveyard you see here is made as a decal and I can promise you the polish works very well also for decals and does not damage the stamper in any way.

The polish bottle holds 15ml of liquid and comes whit the price 7.99$ which I think is a great price for that amount of polish.

For this nail design I used Essence Alice had a vision ... again, p2 Watch me walking and Wild white ways to make the gradient. Then I added a glittery layer with Catrice Sky & snow. The polish I used was BPS no.8 polish and HD04 stamping plate. 

If you decide to visit Bornpretty store for some nail art supplies, feel free to use the 10% OFF code RJL91 there. 


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