Sunday, September 20, 2015

TUTORIAL: Dream catcher nails

I noticed dream catchers are everywhere so I decided to make a nice little manicure featuring one. Also I wanted to create a look that is a combination of fall dark colors and summer neons. So this is what I came up with. I wanted to create nails that feature peacock feathers with the focus on the little pattern in the center of each feather. 

For this mani I used Catrice Steel my soul as base. The stamps are made with Mundo de Unas Purple and MM14 and MoYou London Tropical 5 as stamping plates. The little dot details are made with China glaze More to explore and Highlight of my summer. The black details were drawn with the Black skull from Tedi store. Also don't forget the feather water deals that you can get at BPS or LQS. For the free hand drawn portion of the nail art you will also need a dotting tool and a thin brush

Step 1: Apply your base polish, make it as neutral as possible so it does not crash too much with the nail art.
Step 2: Make stamps or free hand draw a pattern that will look like feathers. I used the ones that have a lot of hollow places that give the option to color them in.
Step 3: Make small neon dots in the center of the big peacock feathers. Make a small half moon on the accent finger. I free hand draw it - but you can also use a stencil and I added 3 small dots with the dotting tool - this is the place where the feathers will be attached.
Step 4: Add smaller dots on top of the previous ones. Also add smaller black dots on top of the big ones. I drew 2 small cross patterns so it seems like the net pattern the dream catchers have.
Step 5: Add 3 more colorful dots on the rim of the dream catcher so it looks like it has some beads in the pattern.
Step 6: Add 3 feathers. I choose 3 water decals, but you can free hand draw them or make decals out of stamps. Don't forget to apply a top coat so the nails will shine, I needed to do that since most of the polishes I used were matte. 

Here is the finished result and I love how it turned out. The colors of the water decals and the dots in the feathers match perfectly. I hope you like this fun mani that is another fun combination of Fall and Summer trends :)

This nail art tutorial was made for the lovely group of creative make up artist and nail artists from the group

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