Friday, September 25, 2015

Essence Urbaniced TE Review

This fall Essence released Urbaniced Trend edition. With its vibrant shades of pink and greys that remind you of a city landscape it seems like it is aimed at the younger *teen* crowd.

The collection features everything an urban girl needs from powder bases, eye shadows, polishes and liquid eyeliners and Essence Slovenija was nice enough to send me some. I got excited I just had to get the matching polish from the collection. For all my Slovenian readers this collection is still available in all Muller and DM stores.

Here are the items I got for review (except the polish) blush, highlighter, 2 eye shadows and an liquid eyeliner.  

The adorable promotional picture that nicely represents where they got the inspiration for the line. 

Below you can see the swatches of the make up I got. The 1st two lines are the Liquid eyeliner called For city-kittys only! The applicator brush is made of silicone and it is very thin so the lines can be very precise. Thou it requires a lot of shaking to mix up the formula or you have to apply it in more then once. I like it since the brush is so thin but the formula does not agree with my skin very much and it requires at least 2 layers to be opaque.

The 1st pink line is the street style eyeshadow The happy direction. It is a coral pink matte eyeshadow with a slight shimmer of pale pink in it. A very barbie like shade.
The next silver line is the street style eyeshadow named City girls rule! It is a silver metallic shade. That has a brighter silver shimmer inside. Both of the eye shadows are quite compact so the application is very easy and it does not fall off the brush easily.

The next line is a swatch of the blush called The sunny side of the street. In the box it is a mix of light and dark pink that create a very nice and subtle rosy color that is perfect for a fair skinned girl that wants some fun color on her cheeks.
The last swatch line is the Highlighter called The happy direction. It looks very cool pink colored shade, that even has a pale white - silver like shimmer inside. As a swatch it seemed quite a scary color to work with. But when I applied it as part of the entire make up I fell in love <3 

Here you can see the finished make up look I did using only the items I got for review. The eyelids have a simple gradient made with the eye shadows. The cheeks have a simple brushing with the blush and the part under my brows and eyes has a layer of highlighter on. 

From all the items I like the highlighter most! It freshens up your face and covers it in a type of shimmer that makes you seem more awake and fun. The eye shadows are cute but the shades are made for younger girls. The eyeliner is very cool and a must have for any make up enthusiast since it is a lot thinner then the usual Essence eyeliners. 

And this part of review is something I got for myself. When I saw the teaser for this collection I fell in love with the Graffiti top coat Be my town homie!. It is a combination of red, white, light pink and black matte hex glitters and a metallic dark pink glitter that is also the same shape. But they come in 4 different sizes.

I was so impressed with this polish because the base polish to glitter ratio is perfect. What you see here is 1 coat of glitter over the base polish <3

There you have it! A little review of a very fun and young collection by Essence. I like the innovative and fresh idea behind the theme, I like that the collection is meant for the fall but not full of the usual shades that come in stores in this time of the year. But the colors are not that much of my thing, I think that the entire collection is perfect for a young urban teen that wants to start a nice and unique make up collection ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post.

*These items (except of the polish) were send to me for a honest review*


  1. Very cool! I like how your makeup kind of matches your hair. Great look for you. :)


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