Friday, September 11, 2015

BPS Review: Y020 Stamping plate + Kasako peel off polish / #31DC2015: Polka dots

This is a triple post today! I got something I wanted for the longest time a Liquid tape peel off base polish from Bornpretty store. Thank you so much - I do so many gradients and stamping that clean up takes forever and this made my life so much easier! I also got this cute Y020 stamping plate that is full of galaxy and zodiac patterns that is so unique and amazing I just had to use it to make this polka dot part of the challenge :)

I also used a bunch of nail studs and bows I got from Bornpretty store a while back :)

Here you can see the entire Y020 stamping plate. It features single zodiac signs and them all together in a fun pattern. Also it features this pretty star constellations and a starry sky. This is such an amazing plate!
Also it is made to perfection and very easy to work with. The pictures are crisp, they pick up very easy and I used a bunch of different stamping polishes on it and it all worked perfectly. I can't recommend this plate enough since it's very high quality and the patterns are so unique and fun to work with. 

Since the challenge was polka dots I wanted to use the 2 patterns that look like they maybe don't fit the most on the plate. I just layered all the Dot like patters from the plate and this is what I came up with. To make the middle nails it was very easy since the plate has a pattern with a clear line. 

The other part of this review is White peel off liquid tape polish. It is something I wanted for quite some time. Since I mostly do gradients and stamping nail art I have to deal with a lot of clean up. And this polish makes my life so much easier. 
It is so very easy to use. It is like a simple polish you just apply it everywhere but your nails. The brush is easy to work with and the consistency of the polish is not problematic. You have to wait a while for it to dry and you can tell it is dry because it becomes completely sheer. It takes a couple of minutes. Then it is time for nail art. When you are done you just peel off everything around the nail. 

For this manicure I used Sinful colors Wisp as base, the other base is KiKo 389. The stamps are made with Y020 plate and the studs & bows are from Bornpretty store. The stamping polishes I used were Essence stamp me! black & white and Barry M Gold foil.

Head on over to Bornpretty store to get any type of Nail art supply you need. And while you are there don't forget to use the 10% OFF CODE RJL91 



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