Sunday, September 6, 2015

#31DC2015: Violet nails

There is something about the color violet/purple that always makes my mind go to dark colors. I decided to make these nails dark and grungy and moody with all types of dark shades of purple that have a bit of hologram polish and studs that shine through the dark parts :)

I love how these nails turned out! The darker the base the more will the holo lines shine through. And I added some black lines over it to make is seem like the base lines are broken again. 

The mani was made with Chic I'll break your heart and Catrice Occult as base. The stamps are made with Color club Harp on it and Essence stamp me! Black, the plate I used was HWH05. I added some rhinestones to top it all off.

 I am in love with these nails and I think they are perfect for the Fall season <3



  1. Very edgy! For me, I always associate purple more with pastels but this works so well I think i have to change that association ;)

  2. I love the holo here! So fun and great for fall too.

  3. Oh my, that looks soo nice!! :D


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