Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#31DC2015: A tutorial / LoL Mani: Arcade Riven

This is dedicated to a whole another tutorial - it is called a Champion spotlight.
It is a clip made for each new Champion that comes out in League of Legends. It is a quick tutorial on how to play a champion, what items to buy and how does the game play look like with him. For me that is usually the time when I decide if I will buy the champion or not since it is the 1st time you can see them in action :)

And some of the coolest game play I saw was in the clip I posted before in the Arcade nail arts in this challenge. And now it is time to do the last one of the collection! It is time for Arcade Riven - she is so cute as you can see in the picture below - thou don't dare to google for a champion spotlight for her since it was made 4 years ago and the game was horrible back than - thank god I was not playing back then :)

Here you can see her in her cute little arcade outfit :) *gotta love that butt potion*

For this nail art I used MoYou London Punk 5, Festive 8 and pueen48 stamping plates. The polishes I used are Ruby kisses Blues clues, Kiko 389 & 340, China glaze Kiwi cool-ada, Highlight of my summer, Tedi Ice cream, Models own Turquoise gloss, Color club Harp on it, Sinful colors Wisp, Barry M Passion fruit, OPI, Essence Sneezy, Stamp me!black and Mundo de Unas Neon yellow

My favorite Riven quotes in game:
''A sword mirrors its owner''



  1. :O arcade riven! Sped bodo vsi riven igral xD simpatična je sicer ful ampak meni sta še vedno najbolj všeč arcade sona in mf :D
    Manikura je ful simpatična in barvita :D


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