Saturday, September 26, 2015

#31DC2015: A pattern / LoL mani: Soraka the Starchild

As a pattern this time I choose a star-chart, stars everywhere, summoning circle type of thing. It's something I got stuck in my mind while playing Soraka the Starchild in League of legends. Thou it's a love / hate thing I have with her!!! 
This situation gets me so angry *small gamer rant incoming* I liked Soraka before, thou her login screen art and design was ugly as hell. Her abilities were amazing, she could heal, silence, kill entire groups with 1 attack - the perfect champion . . . Then they decided to make her all pretty and her abilities look amazing as you can see below! But her gameplay is horrible, I try to avoid playing her at all costs! For the sake all that is holy why make a champion with so little HP heal others with its own HP ;( 

RIOT you messed this up - but she is pretty now so I got a cool nail inspiration out of it. Thou I never want to play her again #sadface 

Here you can see my inspiration and I must admit this picture is so pretty <3 I love all the contrasting colors! 

A few more pictures of her abilities in game so you can see a part of my inspiration - it does truly look amazing but it is very useless compared to the old version of her ;(

So much polish was used here I will do a nail by nail description:
Pinkie - the base is Emily de Molly Cosmic forces. Over it I stamped with Color club Cosmic fate and hehe013 plate.
Ring - the galaxy is made out of Essence Jacobs protection, Sinful colors Wisp. China glaze So blue without you, LA Girl Purple effect. The stamp is made with MoYou London Zodiac 1 and Star gazer no. 232.
Middle - Wet n Wild Darkest hour and some star studs.
Index - Etrude SH02 as base, the stamps is made with hehe017 plate and Kiko Lavender.

My favorite Soraka quote from the game:
'' Yes that was a banana. *giggles* Nobody expects a banana.''



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