Wednesday, September 2, 2015

31DC2015: Orange nails

OK Day 2 theme is Orange nails and I am still on point! To say I don't like this color is an understatement - despise it! I own a couple for nail art only and nothing else so this part of the challenge is challenging for me *aww I am so good with words today* 

But I managed to mix and match a bunch of stuff together and I kind off like this tropical and juicy manicure that came out :)

For this mani I used p2 Tequila sunrise and Femme fatale Burning blossom as base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! Black and White. The plates I used are MoYou London Tropical 8, 18 and 20. Over it all I added a bunch of studs and fimo slices to make it more colorful :)



  1. These are amazing, I love the whole tropical feel. Orange sistas unite!

  2. Love the leafy orange slice fimo.
    All you need is a Gin Cocktail and a cabana boy and you'll be set ;)

  3. I am loving all the bright colors in this !!

  4. Fabulous!! Looks like a vacation. ^_^


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