Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#31DC2015: Delicate print

I was lucky enough to win a Bornpretty store giveaway when they released their new plates. And this is the 1st mani I created with my new BP-L027 stamping plate.

It has quite an interesting collection of patterns. A few arabesque filigree ones, some hypnotic ones and a few geometric patterns. But they are all huge! I mean relay big, no one has nail beds that big so I decided to just treat them as any other big picture stamping plates. But the plate is flawless and super easy to work with.

For this mani I used the most fancy baroque vines I got on the plate and made this manicure that I love since it looks so decadent and sinfully opulent :)

For this mani I used a combination of Chic I'll hear your heart out, Catrice Inner purple of trust, Be my violentine, How I matt your mother to make the base. The stamps are made with Barry M Gold foil and BP-L027.

If you will go an get some new BPS plates don't forget to use the 10% promo Code that is on the side bar of my blog :)



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