Sunday, September 27, 2015

#31DC2015: Artwork/ LoL mani: Arcade Miss Fortune

I could be searching the Internet and my own memory to find some classical art that I could draw inspiration from, but why if I see so many cool fan art on all the social media? I got so inspired by all the promotional material League of Legends released and the LoL fandom fell in love with the Miss Fortune Arcade skin and they made a lot of art that was a perfect base for my nails.

I collected the best I found and posted them through the post so you can see that fans can be a great source of art as well.

This is the official picture of Arcade Miss Fortune in game that shows up when you load in game. From this picture I bet you can't tell at all the her original design is as a bad ass pirate chick :)

I just love the colors that are in this skin! So maybe the inspiration is not quite clear but it will be when you see the last picture of her in the game. When she runs small pixel hearts surround her. She wears a vintage game boy, and while you play her she yells BANG! and POW! all the time. I also had to include her ombre colored hair - #lifegoals and some stars that are all over her outfit.

How sexy is she in this fan art? <3

For this mani I used BM602, BM20, BM601, Lily Anna 07, MoYou London Gamer 7 and Time Traveller Back to the 80's 2 plates. The stamping polishes I used are Essence Stamp me!white and black, Mundo de Unas Red, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Purple and Light blue. The base polishes I used are Catrice FuchsCIA, Essence Beautiful lies, Have a break, As long as you love me, Barry M Guava and Jade Fascinio Violeta

Another cute picture of her <3 

Here you can see some promo material LoL made and you can see all the Arcade themed nails I also did the other days - Hecarim and Sona who are being under attack from The final Boss Veigar :)

Here you can see how she looks like in game :)

My favorite Miss Fortune quotes from the game:
''Nothing but powder monkeys!''



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