Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#31DC2015: A tutorial / LoL Mani: Arcade Riven

This is dedicated to a whole another tutorial - it is called a Champion spotlight.
It is a clip made for each new Champion that comes out in League of Legends. It is a quick tutorial on how to play a champion, what items to buy and how does the game play look like with him. For me that is usually the time when I decide if I will buy the champion or not since it is the 1st time you can see them in action :)

And some of the coolest game play I saw was in the clip I posted before in the Arcade nail arts in this challenge. And now it is time to do the last one of the collection! It is time for Arcade Riven - she is so cute as you can see in the picture below - thou don't dare to google for a champion spotlight for her since it was made 4 years ago and the game was horrible back than - thank god I was not playing back then :)

Here you can see her in her cute little arcade outfit :) *gotta love that butt potion*

For this nail art I used MoYou London Punk 5, Festive 8 and pueen48 stamping plates. The polishes I used are Ruby kisses Blues clues, Kiko 389 & 340, China glaze Kiwi cool-ada, Highlight of my summer, Tedi Ice cream, Models own Turquoise gloss, Color club Harp on it, Sinful colors Wisp, Barry M Passion fruit, OPI, Essence Sneezy, Stamp me!black and Mundo de Unas Neon yellow

My favorite Riven quotes in game:
''A sword mirrors its owner''


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#31DC2015: The Supernatural - Unicorns

Supernatural makes me think of ghosts, vampires, mummies and zombies - but since Halloween season is looming there will be plenty of them on my nails here in the upcoming days :)

I decided to do something cute and supernatural - unicorns & Pegasus! And why not make them origami shaped and all wrapped up in a super cute package <3 <3 <3

I love how these turned out!!! They are so cute and colorful I will do more of these origami creatures and more of these cloud manicures I just can't believe how simple were they to make :)

The base polish is Kiko 340 and the clouds are made with Sinful colors Wisp. The dots are made with Color club Harp on it. The stars are made with Mundo de Unas Yellow and BP-L013 plate, the hearts are made with BP-11 plate, Morgan Taylor Pink flame-ingo. The magical horses are made with Essence stamp me!black and MoYou London Origami 5 plate. I painted them in with Essence Off to miami!, Inti inka, China glaze At vase value and S-he Stylezone no.247

Look at this cute guy <3 So fat and happy <3 

source: tumblr

And one of my favorite unicorn appearances ever in one of my favorite movies - Tangled *holla if you know this gif* ;)

source: tumblr

Monday, September 28, 2015

#31DC2015: A flag - Strawhat pirates Jolly roger

By now I think all my lovely followers know that I am obsessed with Sailor Moon! But on the other side of the anime spectrum I am also obsessed with ONE PIECE! I have been watching it for over 10 years and it's still going on and I still love it like the 1st day! <3

It is a anime about pirates with crazy powers all after the great mystical treasure One piece. I left a clip on the bottom of the post so you can see a bit what the show is about! 
I wanted to create a mani that features the Jolly Roger (flag) of the main character Monkey D. Luffy from the Straw hat pirates. 

This is him - Monkey D. Luffy the captain of the Straw hat Pirates - he is so cool and positive a great main character in a flood of animes that are popular now which are so dark :)

source: tumblr
On my ring finger you can see the actual flag. I made his face scar on my pinkie and his hat on my index finger. Since he is the captain and the glue that hold the crew together I used some blues and an anchor that gives it all a bit more of a nautical feel :)

Here you can see their flag in the anime :)

source: tumblr
I had so much fun doing these nails I decided to make more One piece manicures. So in the following weeks I will try and make nail art for the entire Straw hat crew :)

For this mani I used OPI Coca cola red, Sinful colors Wisp, Barry M Blueberry, Catrice Yellow sub-mandarin, Be indiglow! Ex pistols , Essence Cookies & cream, Over the rainbow, Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The plates I used are hehe016, BP-33 and MM36.

Here is a opening to the show and you can see the rest of the crew all the baddies and the general dynamic that made it one of the greatest anime hits ever!!! 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pick N Mix challenge: Dark & Grungy

source: tumblr

X marks the spot where this challenge ends! WOW This was a long one but I did it! I did all 52 weeks *pets myself on the back* :) I must make a collage of them all to see them in one place! 

The last theme is dark & grungy something that is right up my alley. But I did it very subtle and toned down since I am a bit tired from it all ... Can you  blame me? :)

For this mani I used Sinful colors Wisp as base. Over it I added this cool looking skull polish I got from TEDI. Over it all I stamped with BM606 and Barry M Gold foil. I added some gold flat studs from BPS to top it all off. 

I love how it turned out and I think this is a great mani to finish the challenge with. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)


#31DC2015: Artwork/ LoL mani: Arcade Miss Fortune

I could be searching the Internet and my own memory to find some classical art that I could draw inspiration from, but why if I see so many cool fan art on all the social media? I got so inspired by all the promotional material League of Legends released and the LoL fandom fell in love with the Miss Fortune Arcade skin and they made a lot of art that was a perfect base for my nails.

I collected the best I found and posted them through the post so you can see that fans can be a great source of art as well.

This is the official picture of Arcade Miss Fortune in game that shows up when you load in game. From this picture I bet you can't tell at all the her original design is as a bad ass pirate chick :)

I just love the colors that are in this skin! So maybe the inspiration is not quite clear but it will be when you see the last picture of her in the game. When she runs small pixel hearts surround her. She wears a vintage game boy, and while you play her she yells BANG! and POW! all the time. I also had to include her ombre colored hair - #lifegoals and some stars that are all over her outfit.

How sexy is she in this fan art? <3

For this mani I used BM602, BM20, BM601, Lily Anna 07, MoYou London Gamer 7 and Time Traveller Back to the 80's 2 plates. The stamping polishes I used are Essence Stamp me!white and black, Mundo de Unas Red, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Purple and Light blue. The base polishes I used are Catrice FuchsCIA, Essence Beautiful lies, Have a break, As long as you love me, Barry M Guava and Jade Fascinio Violeta

Another cute picture of her <3 

Here you can see some promo material LoL made and you can see all the Arcade themed nails I also did the other days - Hecarim and Sona who are being under attack from The final Boss Veigar :)

Here you can see how she looks like in game :)

My favorite Miss Fortune quotes from the game:
''Nothing but powder monkeys!''


Saturday, September 26, 2015

#31DC2015: A pattern / LoL mani: Soraka the Starchild

As a pattern this time I choose a star-chart, stars everywhere, summoning circle type of thing. It's something I got stuck in my mind while playing Soraka the Starchild in League of legends. Thou it's a love / hate thing I have with her!!! 
This situation gets me so angry *small gamer rant incoming* I liked Soraka before, thou her login screen art and design was ugly as hell. Her abilities were amazing, she could heal, silence, kill entire groups with 1 attack - the perfect champion . . . Then they decided to make her all pretty and her abilities look amazing as you can see below! But her gameplay is horrible, I try to avoid playing her at all costs! For the sake all that is holy why make a champion with so little HP heal others with its own HP ;( 

RIOT you messed this up - but she is pretty now so I got a cool nail inspiration out of it. Thou I never want to play her again #sadface 

Here you can see my inspiration and I must admit this picture is so pretty <3 I love all the contrasting colors! 

A few more pictures of her abilities in game so you can see a part of my inspiration - it does truly look amazing but it is very useless compared to the old version of her ;(

So much polish was used here I will do a nail by nail description:
Pinkie - the base is Emily de Molly Cosmic forces. Over it I stamped with Color club Cosmic fate and hehe013 plate.
Ring - the galaxy is made out of Essence Jacobs protection, Sinful colors Wisp. China glaze So blue without you, LA Girl Purple effect. The stamp is made with MoYou London Zodiac 1 and Star gazer no. 232.
Middle - Wet n Wild Darkest hour and some star studs.
Index - Etrude SH02 as base, the stamps is made with hehe017 plate and Kiko Lavender.

My favorite Soraka quote from the game:
'' Yes that was a banana. *giggles* Nobody expects a banana.''


Friday, September 25, 2015

Essence Urbaniced TE Review

This fall Essence released Urbaniced Trend edition. With its vibrant shades of pink and greys that remind you of a city landscape it seems like it is aimed at the younger *teen* crowd.

The collection features everything an urban girl needs from powder bases, eye shadows, polishes and liquid eyeliners and Essence Slovenija was nice enough to send me some. I got excited I just had to get the matching polish from the collection. For all my Slovenian readers this collection is still available in all Muller and DM stores.

Here are the items I got for review (except the polish) blush, highlighter, 2 eye shadows and an liquid eyeliner.  

The adorable promotional picture that nicely represents where they got the inspiration for the line. 

Below you can see the swatches of the make up I got. The 1st two lines are the Liquid eyeliner called For city-kittys only! The applicator brush is made of silicone and it is very thin so the lines can be very precise. Thou it requires a lot of shaking to mix up the formula or you have to apply it in more then once. I like it since the brush is so thin but the formula does not agree with my skin very much and it requires at least 2 layers to be opaque.

The 1st pink line is the street style eyeshadow The happy direction. It is a coral pink matte eyeshadow with a slight shimmer of pale pink in it. A very barbie like shade.
The next silver line is the street style eyeshadow named City girls rule! It is a silver metallic shade. That has a brighter silver shimmer inside. Both of the eye shadows are quite compact so the application is very easy and it does not fall off the brush easily.

The next line is a swatch of the blush called The sunny side of the street. In the box it is a mix of light and dark pink that create a very nice and subtle rosy color that is perfect for a fair skinned girl that wants some fun color on her cheeks.
The last swatch line is the Highlighter called The happy direction. It looks very cool pink colored shade, that even has a pale white - silver like shimmer inside. As a swatch it seemed quite a scary color to work with. But when I applied it as part of the entire make up I fell in love <3 

Here you can see the finished make up look I did using only the items I got for review. The eyelids have a simple gradient made with the eye shadows. The cheeks have a simple brushing with the blush and the part under my brows and eyes has a layer of highlighter on. 

From all the items I like the highlighter most! It freshens up your face and covers it in a type of shimmer that makes you seem more awake and fun. The eye shadows are cute but the shades are made for younger girls. The eyeliner is very cool and a must have for any make up enthusiast since it is a lot thinner then the usual Essence eyeliners. 

And this part of review is something I got for myself. When I saw the teaser for this collection I fell in love with the Graffiti top coat Be my town homie!. It is a combination of red, white, light pink and black matte hex glitters and a metallic dark pink glitter that is also the same shape. But they come in 4 different sizes.

I was so impressed with this polish because the base polish to glitter ratio is perfect. What you see here is 1 coat of glitter over the base polish <3

There you have it! A little review of a very fun and young collection by Essence. I like the innovative and fresh idea behind the theme, I like that the collection is meant for the fall but not full of the usual shades that come in stores in this time of the year. But the colors are not that much of my thing, I think that the entire collection is perfect for a young urban teen that wants to start a nice and unique make up collection ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post.

*These items (except of the polish) were send to me for a honest review*

#31DC2015: Fashion - My Jelly dress

I like fashion its pretty and expansive if you want to look cool and trendy. But I mostly wear all black - from time to time I cheat and wear something colorful. I got this amazing rainbow jellyfish dress on ebay and I fell in love with the pattern so much I had to recreate it on my nails :)

Here you can see my pretty dress just chilling on my bed - I love it <3

And this is my interpretation of it - they match perfectly :)

I loved this design so much I decided to take this rare all 10 fingers picture at the pool since it is the perfect jelly environment ;)

For this mani I used BM-XL25 stamping plate for the jelly decals. I used Essence stamp me! white and black to make them also I used them as base colors. I colored them in with China glaze Yellow polka dot bikini, More to explore, Too yacht to handle, Son of a peach, Kleancolor Neon fuschia and p2 swimming pool. I used Polish me silly Freckles as the glitter base. 

Does my jelly dress make you jelly? ;)


Thursday, September 24, 2015

NOTD: Fall colors nail art

I wanted to do some Autumn inspired nail art that will open the season. When I think of Fall I think of dark reds, yellows and oranges. Also each Fall metallics come back in style so I decided to make one half of my hand metallic and one made with jellies :)

I wanted to create a pattern that encompasses everything from layers of foliage, or warm sweaters or a fuzzy blanket you use to keep yourself warm while sipping some tea when its raining outside. And I think I managed to do it. I colored in the shapes in 3 colors and each one has a brighter center and a line of the color that is coming next. That makes the pattern so vibrant and happy. 

Also when I was done coloring in the decals I applied some upside down so the most classic colors like the reds and oranges are always in the middle :)

For this mani I used the Essence stamp me!black and BM604 stamping plate. The jellys I used on 2 nails are Catrice Soleil A Solitude, Rockby, Team lucky mustards, Love,peach & harmony, Essence Do you speak love?, p2 Tequila sunrise.
The metallics I used on the other 2 nails are Catrice Color of honor, Flapper style, Orango bloom, Essence Gorgeous bling bling, S-he stylezone no. 215, p2 Fever.  

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 

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