Saturday, August 15, 2015

TUTORIAL: Summer nail stickers tutorial

Looking back I saw I posted a lot of complicated and stamping related tutorials. Therefore for today I decided to do something very simple that is based on cheap nail art supplies. Nail art that everyone can do and buy! :)

Here it goes! Summer party nails done with nail studs and nail stickers that I found in random stores all over. I used 3 different nail stickers and each set costs only 1€. Which is way cheaper then your usual stamping nail art supplies. 

Nail stickers hunter tip: Always check any store that carries any type of beauty products - like any 1€ store and such they have very cool off brand nail stickers. 

Before we go on - here is the swatch of the polish I am working with. The base is Essence Hola, guapa and the glitters are Essence Festival of colors. As you can see you can create a party nail with only 2 polishes. Just make sure that they don't crash or that the base polish doesn't overwhelm the glitter. It goes the same as for the nail stickers - you won't believe how many cool glitter polishes off brands in random cheap store have. 

For this mani I used as stated Essence Hola, guapa and Festival of colors for polish bases. Also I used 3 different nail stickers, the only brand name ones are from Essence that I got on a sale under 1€. For that extra I used some neon rhinestones. Don't forget a good top coat or a clear gel polish so you can cure the rhinestones and stickers. 

Step 1: Apply your base polish.
Step 2: Apply glitter polish. Make sure you apply a generous coat of top coat or clear gel polish so you smooth out the base of the nail.
Step 3: Apply neon rhinestones. I used the small ones since my pinkie is so small most stickers don't fit on it. Again don't forget to use a lot of top coat or gel polish to cure them all so they don't fall out. 
Step 4: Apply nail stickers in any way you want. I tried to make it seem like the flamingos are having a party. But be ready that some stickers won't stick or will be very stiff. So just apply them as if they were decals. Use some top coat and apply the sticker. Wait for it to dry half way and press the sticker down. Then apply another coat of the clear polish and they should smooth out. 

And here is the finished result. It's easy, it does not require any clean up, it's cheap and you are done with it all in under a hour! :)

Don't forget to visit Glam-express to find a matching make up look to these nails, since this is a great page to find all kinds of beauty tutorials. 


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  1. These nails are so fun! Nice to see it step by step too.


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