Wednesday, August 12, 2015

TNCC Jewelry: Sailor moon accessories

Who is the girl that has the coolest jewelry? Sailor moon OFC!!! Her and her fellow Sailor scouts have the best earrings, necklaces and brooches. I never saw hair jewels before I saw that anime but now I know that I need some hair accessories in my life! :)

So I decided to do these nails that are full of all types of decoration she wears with her kick ass uniform in traditional kawaii Sailor moon colors. Sprinkled with some holo dust. A type of jewelry I would love to wear.

OMG I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT! I would never believe I would like something pink so much <3 

Here you can see both my hands and my prized possession vol.1 of the Sailor moon manga I got last year in Germany <3 I think you can see the inspiration quite clearly.

I added some holo stamps under the decals to give it that extra pop. And I just can't decide what I like best - the accent finger of the other ones :)

For this mani I used Sinful colors Wisp as base. The decals and the gradient are made with Juleep Lexie, S-he stylezone no. 020, p2 Cosmopolitan, Tevez no. 22. The holo stamps are small stars made with Color club Harp on it and BP-11 plate. The decals are made with hehe013 plate and Essence stamp me!black, the stamps over the gradient are made with Essence stamp me!white and hehe014 plate.

I wore those nails to my trip in Venice, Italy and it made my little vacation even more magical :)

Another view of a rare all 10 nails picture <3 Thanks to my BF who I am grooming as a blog photographer.

Do you ever fall in love with your own nails? :)



  1. These Sailor Moon nails look amazing! I grew up watching this show too.

  2. So jealous!!! I just got this plate in yesterday and had to get to stamping, but yours looks so much prettier!!

  3. Ich habe gerade deine genialen Sailor Moon NÄgel auf der p2 Facebookseite entdeckt *_* auf meinem Blog läuft eine regelmäßige Sailor Moon Blogparade, vielleicht hast du ja mal Lust da mit einem Nageldesign mitzumachen? Bis Ende des Monats ist Sailor Jupiter dran und danach geht es weiter mit Sailor Venus ^.^


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