Wednesday, August 19, 2015

TNCC Jewelry: Rave bracelets nail art

To continue this months challenge here is another nail art inspired by jewelry. But it's inspired by jewelry I wore as a kid. We called them Rave bracelets since the rave scene was still a thing back then.

All it was to it was a million neon beads lined up on a bracelet. Or a million little bracelets with neon beads. So that and all the ridiculous drinking faces people make while drinking and being out on the dance floor were the inspiration for this nail art :)

I love how fun and silly these nails turned out :)

For this mani I used MoYou London Princess 11 and Essence Stamp me! Black to make the decals. Then I painted in the faces with Morgan Taylor Pink flame-ingo, Don't worry, be brilliant, China glaze Surfin for boys, Yellow polka dot bikini, Sun worshipper, Sun of a peach and More to explore. 

Here is a little sample of my inspiration :)

source: etsy

More inspiration! Ahh to be a 90ies kid again :)

source: pinterest

A fun let's go out and party gif :)
source: tumblr


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