Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TNCC Jewelry : Pentagram earrings nails

I got these blue pentagram earrings a while back. I like them because they remind me so much of the Full metal Alchemist anime that was quite gut wrenching to watch. The pentagram here looks a lot like the alchemy runes that are required to perform any type of transmutation (magic) there ☺

But the earrings look so calm and cool and I thought that a pentagram would much more fit onto a hot and passionate nail base. Therefore I created a hotter than hell base. I made a nude to flaming gradient and stamped over some flames. And I love how it turned out! ☺

If you want your own pair of my inspirational pentagram earrings you can order them on eBay HERE

For this mani I used OPI You're so vain-illa, Coca cola red, S-he stylezone no.184, Essence Hello sunshine as the gradient base. The flames are made with Color club Cosmic fate and HWH05 plate. And the pentagram is made with Essence stamp me! black and hehe017 plate. 

Considering how to this summer is I believe this mani fits into this time of the year ☺



  1. This is really cute and it compliments the earrings very well. I have hw-05 and never even noticed that design before. Now the next time I do flames I have to remember this image.

  2. I love the gradient happening here!

  3. Badass! Love the holo stamping.


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