Friday, July 10, 2015

TUTORIAL: Acid butterfly wings nail art

Now that is warm out the butterflies came out and play. And while sitting in the garden I got inspired to make some butterfly wings nails. But by the time I was finished the mani looked a bit more like some type of space butterflies on acid :) I still love how they turned out and the process of making them was fun, maybe space butterflies can be a new summer trend :)

For this mani I used 4 colors to make the base design on the wings and a dotting tool. It's better if you use a double sided tool or multiple tools so you can create different sized dots. I used a bunch of bright colors: Catrice Love, peach & harmony, Claire's Beach, Sinful colors Wisp and OPI Do you lilac it?. For the lines in the butterfly wings I used BM-424 stamping plate and Mundo de Unas Dark purple as the stamping polish. But if you are not very good with stamps you can still free hand draw the pattern. 

Step 1: Apply the white base polish so all the following colors will shine even more.
Step 2: Add the purple dots, no need to apply them in any specific order. And make sure that there is a couple that stand out a lot so they can blend in better with the next color.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd color in the same way. Also backtrack a bit and add it in between the previous layer.
Step 4 and 5: Repeat Step 3 with the 2 last colors. Don't worry about the order of the colors or the application of the dots. It is meant to be a bit chaotic so the lines that you apply later give it more structure.
Step 6: Apply the butterfly wing stamp (or free hand draw it). Since I used the white polish as last it evens out with the dots on the stamps. Which is the classic way to finish the look but no need here since the colors add up. I stamped the same pattern twice on each nail but with different parts of the design.

This is a close up of the finished look and I embraced the way it looks. I still feel like the nails turned out like a cool summer look full of vibrant colors :)

This looks was created for the ladies at Glam-express if you like feel free to visit and check out this amazing group of beauty bloggers. 



  1. how cool is that?
    I love butterfly nails !

  2. Love seeing the step by step process to these nails.

  3. OMG I love this so much!! *two thumbs up*

  4. These came out awesome! Very unique!


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