Thursday, July 30, 2015

TNCC Travel: Mad Max Fury road

Everyone who has gone out with me on drinks or a cup of coffee in recent times knows that all I do is rave about the new Mad Max movie! OMG I can't even get started on how awesome this movie is!!! I am quite jaded when it comes to movies now a days - which means most of the movies don't move me at all - and yes I am looking at you new Avengers movie! >:(

But Mad Max Fury road was amazing! So much so I rewatched it a bunch of times by now and I decided to make some nails inspired by that movie! :)

I hope I did it justice! I wanted to make it as fast paced and full of desert colors as the movie is. I Incorporated a bunch of vehicle related symbols. Also the flaming skull that was the mark of Immortal Joe.

They fit perfectly in this months TNCC Travel challenge - because the entire movie is one big, angry and violent road trip :)

One of the big stars of the show was this guy! I just had to add a guitar to the mani! <3

source: tumblr
For this mani I used China glaze Kalahari kiss as base. Over it I made brush strokes with Catrice Rouge, Bien Sur, Team luck Mustards and Essence Gorgeous Bling bling. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me! black, the plates I used are MoYou London Biker 2 & 5 and Rockstar 1. Also I added some nail spikes from BPS - reasons spikes ;)

A even bigger star of the movie was Imperator Furiosa *how cool is her name?* props to the talented Charlize Theron for the play! :)

source: tumblr

If you live under a rock here is the trailer to the movie. So get hyped and go cool off into a nearest movie theatre if you haven't seen the movie by now! 

Witness me!!!!



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