Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Essence Fun fair Limited edition

It finally happened! My favorite cosmetic firms send me a package of items to post a honest review - HOORAY ESSENCE! It is no secret that I love them especially for their Limited editions lines. And the one this month is Fun fair.
I got a blush and some nail flocking powder. My review is below :)

Here you can see the promo pictures that are just adorable and underneath you can see the rest of the items in the line. The theme are fun pastels and soft colors throughout out the line. 

This is my nail art done with Fun fair Cotton candy Sugar for my honey! It is a mix of mint powder and micro mint glitters. The application is very simple! After I was done with the nail art I painted the specific parts with some top coat and poured the powder on the entire nail. After it dries the powder stayed where I wanted and the rest of the nails were fuzz free. 

The base nail art is made with Essence Purple sugar and Stamp me! white, the plate I used is MoYou London Pro XL 3. And I think the design and the colors work well with the entire theme. The powder is very fun to work with and surprisingly durable. And it works as well for nail art not only for full nail coverage. 

The other item I got is Essence Fun fair Around the rosy blush. I rarely use blushes but this one I love. It's pink and subtle when you apply it over a big area, or strong, bold in a pink hue if you apply a thick concentrated coat. It could almost double as an eyeshadow.

So there you have it - fun fair is a cute and fresh line. The line is available in Muller, DM and Tuš drogerijah in Slovenia, so head on over if you feel like you need some sugar in your life.


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  1. OOooohhhhh that's what that stuff is. Very cool using the powder like that.


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