Sunday, June 21, 2015

TUTORIAL: Sandy beach nail art

Everybody is posting their amazing summer beach manis and I decided to give it a go as well, just to find out they are very easy to make. The key is to have some time to draw on the waves or the perfect stamp that mimics that water pattern. Also since I don't own any seashell or other sea specific 3D nail decortions I decided to add just some pearls and gold particles that remind me of a hidden treasure. 

Below you can see the tutorial and maybe you can join the lets go the beach bandwagon :)

For this mani you require a sandy polish and I choose Zoya Godiva, that I think is the definition of a sandy shore. Then you require at least 2 blue polishes, the brighter they are the better but the last polish must be dark since the sea gets darker as it turns deeper. I choose Essence Goofy-blue and Catrice Pool party at night. But there where the sea meets the shore I created a thin line of foam with Essence wild white ways. For the gradient you will need a make up sponge. For the stamps I used are Essence Stamp me! white and m70 stamping plate (it's a konad dupe). Also I choose 2 3D rhinestones but feel free to use anything you like :)

Step 1: Create the gradient with the polishes you choose. Make sure the white line for the foam is the thinnest - maybe apply it on the sponge with an nail art brush. Make sure the light blues and the sand colors are the dominant stripes on the sponge. It took me 3 coats to achieve the look.
Step 2: Stamp the water lines or free hand draw them. I used a stamp but made sure that the stamp doesn't reach the sand part of the nail.
Step 3: Apply the 3D rhinestones, make sure you use a top coat or a gel top coat to seal them all in and don't lose them. I applied them in the sea part of the nail as if there is a treasure under the water. But you can also apply them in the sand part of the nail.

Here is a finished result and I love it! And it was so easy to make - if you don't like neons this is a great look for you.

This post as created for the lovely page Glam-express which is a great spot for all beauty bloggers to swap their work :)



  1. Just love these nails. Thanks for the tutorial, it was great seeing how you created it.

  2. super pretty! I haven't tried this design but my nails are super short now so it wouldn't look good :)

  3. So pretty!! Very beachy looking. ^_^

  4. This is amazing and it looks so hard so I don't think I could do this. You're really talented. Great job.


  5. Wow, se vidi lepa tranzicija iz 'plaže v morje', dizajn je več kot super! :) xx Maja

  6. Beautiful beach mani. I love the addition of the little pearls.


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