Monday, June 8, 2015

TUTORIAL: Glitter placement nail art

I love glitter polishes, but I love them even more when I can control when the glitters end up. They then become a lot more complimentary to the mani while the possibilities are endless. I wanted to show you guys how easy glitter placement nail art is - don't forget you can pair it with anything - but for the purpose of this tutorial I did a very simple design :)

For this mani you will need a base polish I used China glaze What a pansy. Some type of glitter polish - I used Silly lily polish Toxic rave. A black polish with a thin brush I used L.A. Colors Art deco black. You will also need a make up sponge, a top coat polish and a brush - I recommend a flat one with a straight edge.

First lets look at China glaze What a pansy because it is such a pretty polish <3 

This is a close up of the basic process involved in this nail art. You apply the chosen glitter polish to the make up sponge and wait until most of the polish is absorbed. Then use the brush to scrape it off and apply it on the nail any place you like. You can do that with a bunch of particles or single out just one. 

Step 1: Apply base polish. 
Step 2: Create the border lines. Don't worry if they are not perfect since you will have to redo them again later.
Step 3: Apply the glitters. Once more don't worry if they go over the inner line of the border polish.
Step 4: Redo the border lines. Go over the glitters so they look even more trapped in the nail look. But this time be very precise and make sure they are even. 
Step 5: Apply a generous coat of top coat so the nail is smooth because some glitters dry in a textured surface. 

Here is the finished look and I love how it turned out. Now you know the basic and you can use this technique with any type of nail art and your glitter polishes get a whole new life :)

This post was made for the lovely ladies at Glam-express <3



  1. Nice work with the glitter placement!

  2. So so cool!

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