Sunday, June 14, 2015

TNCC Superheroes: Batman

The last time I tried to do a Batman mani it was not a big success. But this time I did it! I love how they turned out - these nails got everything I love - gradients, stamps, glitter and bats. And all in black, gray and yellow Original recipe Batman colors. 

I got inspired by the old movies - I love the ones made in the 90ies a lot more then the recent dark knight ones. Since the recent ones are all so serious, dark and gloomy - there is no joy left in them. Yes fine the special effects are cool but I liked the old ones better because of the villains and the vibrant designs :)

For this mani I used China glaze Yellow polka dot bikini for all the neon yellow bases. The grays I used are Zoya Godiva, Essence Moonless night, S-he stylezone no. 333. The glitters are Claire's Digi pop. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black, CA-34 and MoYou London Gothic 5 stamping plates. I added the water decal from Bornpretty store named C061.

Damn Batman is an 75 year old grandpapa by now ;)



  1. Great manicure! I like the new movies but agree that they aren't really fun the way the old ones were. So much brooding, and that voice!!

  2. I ADORE how you played with the colors differently on each nail. Just stunning. :)


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