Sunday, June 7, 2015

LoL mani: Elise the Spider queen

Ladies I do not like spiders - they are one of those few things on this planet that make me go EIKK! But I try to get over it when I play Elise in LoL. Thou the gross factor is still very high since during the game she transforms into a giant spider with a bunch of small ones running around.

I adore her color scheme, you just can't go wrong with a black and red combination :) Check the pictures below so you can understand the inspiration behind these nails.

Elise the Spider queen

Here you can see her in both her forms - the details are amazing and her shoes are so on point *did I just made a funny?* 

For the gradient I used OPI Coca-cola red, Essence Do you speak love?, Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The stamps are made with  Color club Harp on it, Essence stamp me! black and white, Mundo de Unas Red, Kleancolor Metallic red, BM13, HD01, MoYou Back to the 20's 1, CA-34, pueen 45 and HD04. Also I added a small black rhinestone from Bornpretty store

Another amazing Elise picture that was part of the pre-release teasers. The colors are once more amazing and look at the cool detail in the shadow. 

Some of my favorite Elise quote during the game:
'' Pull the strings, watch them dance. ''



  1. Spiders are creepy... period! ;)
    Great manicure, for me the star is your pinky. I love that holo over the gradient :)

  2. Your mani is fantastic! It is so intricately done. I love all the layered details! Thank you for your wonderful post on your mani and for sharing it!

  3. So cool!


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