Monday, May 11, 2015

Tutorial: Radiant gradient + stamping flowers for TNCC

 I have recently relay been into making gradients and the most impressive ones I have seen are of the radiant kind. I also decided to make it with some textured polishes since I had 2 neons and I wanted to make so trendy summer nails that remind me a bit of mans swim trunks :)

To see how this is made I created a tutorial for all you lovelies :)

To create this gradient I used China glaze Of coarse, LA Girl Sandy beach and Essence White wild ways. To make the gradient I used a regular make up sponge. Also since some textured polishes are a bit fickle don't forget a nice top coat or a matte top coat if you want to give it that sandy feeling.

Step 1: I applied 2 coats of LA Girl Sandy beach as base. It's the most perfect electric blue shiny textured polish.

Step 2: After that I applied some white polish to make sure that the center of the gradient will shine. I used the brush of the polish Essence Wild white ways. Just gently dab it in the middle of the nail where you want the lighter part of the gradient. Be sure not to smudge to much of the dark base polish or there will be a lot more work with the sponging. 

Step 3: After that I applied some of China glaze Of coarse on the sponge. A bit bigger spot of it then the white part on the nail. And around it I added some LA Girl Sandy beach so the transition is more smooth. Then I sponged it all on the nail. It took about 2 coats of sponging the gradient to make it look like this. 

Step 4: After the clean up (that is fairly easy with a textured polish) I added some top coat and made it ready for the stamps. Thou the gradient is pretty I can't live without some extra nail art :)

Like I said I wanted to give the nails a Hawaii type of mens trunks feel so I added some simple white flowers stamps. 

For the stamps I used Essence stamp me white as polish and BP-43 stamping plate.

I hope this tutorial helped and offered some inspiration for the upcoming summer season :)
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  1. Interesting gradient that is coming from the center.

  2. That is so cool! Never seen a gradient like that. Definitely looks like men's swim trunks. XD

  3. Shut the Front Door, this looks so cool!


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