Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer music festival nails tutorial

Summer is all about neons and music festivals! And I decided to feature that into my next nail art tutorial. At the same time it's full of tips how to feature your favorite polishes in 3D nail decoration without trying to buy new nail art supplies and just reuse your old ones :) 

For this mani you need a base polish that is nude - mine also features neon glitters of the same colors as the 3D nail decorations. But you can also use any other sheer polish with neon glitters over a nude base. The base I used is Yes Love G1-2 in 2 coats. For stamps I used Essence stamp me! white and BM411 stamping plate since I wanted to find a pattern that features musical notes. 

And to create the PLAY, REWIND, PAUSE & STOP symbols I used some random metallic 3D nail studs I got. But since I wanted the 3D portion of the nail art to pick up the colors of the neon glitters I decided to paint them with my favorite neon polishes. 
I painted the studs first with Essence stamp me! white so the neons can be bright when I apply them. I choose Morgan Taylor Pink Flame-ingo, China glaze Sun worshipper, Kiwi cool-ada and Yellow polka dot bikini. I painted them over the white base I applied on the studs. Make sure it all dries before you apply it to the nail or it will smudge. 

Step 1: Apply your base polish. I used 2 coats of  Yes Love G1-2. But any other nude polish and neon glitter will do. I choose such glitters that can match the 3D decorations on the nails.

Step 2: Apply the music inspired nail stamps. I used Essence stamp me! white stamping polish and BM411 stamping plate. The placement of the stamp is not essential since the 3D part of the decoration will be the most dominant part of the nail. 

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of top coat and place the colored studs. And when it dries apply another generous layer of top coat or use a gel top coat and cure the studs in place. With that you make the studs shiny since most neons are matte. Also if you are not very skilled with placement don't forget to apply and let dry a top coat over the stamps so they don't smudge if you move the studs all over. 

There you have it! A simple summer music festival mani that will catch the eye of any DJ ;) There not a lot of work involved just it takes some time to get the 3D decoration ready :)

This tutorial was made possible by Glam express that is a great place for any blogger who needs some inspiration or wants to find some new cool ideas for their work :)



  1. Oh my goodness that is a fantastic idea!!

  2. That crelly polish you used is so nice!

  3. Cool idea! :D
    The nail polish that you have used is very nice! love it!!


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