Sunday, May 10, 2015

BPS Review BP-L018 stamping plate part 1 / Sunday stamping: Color crash

I made another Bornpretty store review since I got a few more stamping plates from them. Today I wanted to play with BP-L018 stamping plate. Since it is full of sweater patterns and Russian dolls I decided to challenge myself and make nail art that could pass for a summer themed manicure :)

Here you can see the BP-L018 stamping plate. As you can see it is full of winter / x-mas sweater like patterns, Russian nesting dolls and snowflakes. The plate is perfectly etched. Working with it was even easier then the previous one I posted.

I decided to make a mani that is a combination of neons and pastels. I used the pattern from the middle in the bottom row, only on my accent nail I added the pattern from the right corner in the 1st layer, over it I added the same pattern as the rest only made with a different polish.

To make the gradient I used S-he stylezone no. 120, Sinful colors Skinny dipping and Essence Beautiful lies. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black and white, also Mundo de Unas Lavender. I added some neon purple studs since I felt like the nails needed something extra :)

I am very happy with the new Bornpretty nail art stamping plates. So if you feel like getting some for yourself feel free to visit. And white you are there don't forget to use my 10% OFF CODE RJL91



  1. Such a nice stamping plate filled with some nice sweater looking designs.

  2. Ah! That's really cool! I especially like the accent nail. Reminds me of skiing.


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