Friday, May 15, 2015

BPS Review BP-L018 stamping plate part 2

Recently I have been super into gradients and water decals ... this obsession is still very much alive so I decided to ride it out while making my next Bornpretty store review.

I have this amazing BP-L018 stamping plate that is full of winter patterns like snowflakes, nesting dolls and sweater designs. But there are a couple patterns that don't belong the theme and I decided to make a decal out of the big feather pattern.

The feather pattern seems a bit large but in reality is just as big as the rest of the full coverage patterns. I just applied it to my stamper and colored it in. After it dried I cut it in 2 pieces and applied it on the nail. I did the same thing twice so it looks like just one big feather. 

The plate was easy to work with and the lines of the design were not to thin so the coloring in part of making the decals was quite easy. 

For this mani I used Color club For you as base. And at the end I added some rhinestones since the outer nails seemed a bit empty to me. The decals are made with Mundo de Unas Dark purple for the outlines. And the inside of the feather is painted with Essence Purple sugar, China glaze At vase value and Catrice Yellow-sub mandarine. 

I hope you liked the result. As always the Bornpretty store stamping plates are a joy to work with even when it comes to decals. So head on over to their nail art department and get yourself something nice. And while you are there don't forget to use the RJL91 10% OFF COUPON :)



  1. This stamping looks great and is one that I really want :)

  2. Oh my goodness! ^_^ So pretty.


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