Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tutorial: Nail dotticure with no dotting tools

I made a lot of dotty nail art but sometimes it gets exhausting since you need to be careful about many factors like the size of the dots and the placement. I wanted to make some nail art that is still full of dots but does not require a lot of precision or hard work. Tutorial and the required items below :)

Since more and more main stream polish brands create glitter polishes with unusual shapes all you need is a polish with dot shaped glitter, or any type of indie with dot shaped glitter. The circular glitter must be the dominant shape or the mani does not make sense. For my manicure I used Salon perfect Spot on polish. Since I feel like nude base polishes always fit a black and white theme I added OPI You're so Vain-illa as base. To make the mani a bit more interesting I added some circular red matt rhinestones to give it a 3D effect. Don't forget a good top coat or a gel top coat to cure the rhinestones on the mani. 

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of the base coat polish. If you are afraid that the dot polish might destroy or dissolve the base add a coat of top coat.

Step 2: Apply the chosen dot glitter polish. Since most of such polishes require a bit of glitter fishing I applied 2 coats of it. The placement of the glitter is not important, thou you are always welcome to fish them out of the base and apply them in a set pattern.

Step 3: Now you have to work fast. Since I applied a generous coat of the dot polish it will take some time to dry. I quickly applied the matt dot rhinestones. After I was finished I waited a bit for it to dry. Then I applied a coat of top coat or if you want to make sure not to lose any rhinestones apply some gel top coat polish. 

Here is a step - by - step look at this mani. I hope the tutorial helped and you can see that not all dot nail art requires a lot of time or precision. 

This post was made possible by Glam-express so head on over for some amazing make up and nail art tutorials.



  1. ACK! I can't look at it! lol Awesome idea, just way too clustery for me. Glad you found a use for Spot On!


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