Saturday, April 25, 2015

DIY project: Make it spring forever

I like spring and home decoration. So all over my house there are cute little decorations depending on the time of the year. So since it's spring I tried to make something that can double also as part of the Easter decoration. Since I like to use and re-use old items I wanted to show you guys how to use random items around the house to make your nest pretty :)

Here is a simple little decoration with a gnome that I got as a gift. I added a big ombre Easter egg as extra decoration and some neon green glass stones that were meant as aquarium decoration. 

Here are some cute chickens over a nest filled with quail eggs. Since I work part time on a farm I created a nest out of straw and wire. I got a bunch of cotton flowers and fake flowers laying around and now the nesting chickens got a cute place to live. 

This one is an all Easter decoration that I honestly put away by now. But I found this cute old-timesy grandma lace mini cover and I thought it would make a perfect base for purple chickens that lay green eggs :)

Do you ever decorate your house according to the time of the year?



  1. So cute! My mom used to always have the house seasonally decorated. I'd like to, but... it always feels like by the time I'm done it's time to change. *ugh*


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