Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pick n Mix Challenge: Oceanic

I found the base polish Beauty woman Seahorse as a in store brand in a local Tedi. When I saw it I first thought of the sea water - the perfect warm turquoise shade of the sea with a bit of golden shimmer in it when it reflects the color of the sand underneath. So I picked up on the gold shimmer and went a bit abstract and make a bunch of star shapes - starfish fit the oceanic theme I hope :)

Beauty woman Seahorse is the base polish. The stamps are made with Barry M Gold foil and MoYou London Punk 2 stamping plate.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tutorial: Card suits nail art

Today I got for you a fun and a simple stamping nail art tutorial. All classic cards are based in 5 colors - the 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and the dominant white and black. Detailed tutorial below and the required items. 

For this mani I used Essence Wild white ways as base. Essence stamp me! black for the stamping polish and MoYou London Games 2 stamping plate. The primary colors I used are OPI Coca-cola red, Barry M Blue grape and Julep Lexie. Don't forget a good stamper and top coat. 

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of the white polish and some top coat so the nail art can't smudge the base.
Step 2: Take the yellow polish and dry the brush off on the bottle neck as much as you can then make quick strokes in random places on the nail. I did 2 strokes of each color and started with the most bright color so it can't change the colors of the others
Step 3: I did the same with the blue polish, there is nothing wrong if the colors overlap. And it is a great way to hide any imperfections that happened while applying the first color.
Step 4: Do the same with the 3rd polish. Don't worry if some of it gets on your skin there will be plenty of clean up still after applying the stamps.
Step 5: Apply the stamps. I choose the 3 card faces and an abstract circle pattern made with the card suits all from the same plate. Don't forget the clean up and a top coat to make everything more shiny. 

Here are my nails before the stamps. If you don't feel to confident in your stamping apply a top coat at this stage and you can have a couple of tries with the stamps. But if stamping isn't your thing then you can just free hand draw anything on top. 

So here is the end result! I love how it turned out! I wanted to place the stamps in a way so it seems that the Jack is looking at the Queen and the King is facing away as if he doesn't want to know what is happening behind his back :)

This post was made possible by Glam express therefore don't forget to head on over for all kinds of beauty inspiration.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tutorial: Nail dotticure with no dotting tools

I made a lot of dotty nail art but sometimes it gets exhausting since you need to be careful about many factors like the size of the dots and the placement. I wanted to make some nail art that is still full of dots but does not require a lot of precision or hard work. Tutorial and the required items below :)

Since more and more main stream polish brands create glitter polishes with unusual shapes all you need is a polish with dot shaped glitter, or any type of indie with dot shaped glitter. The circular glitter must be the dominant shape or the mani does not make sense. For my manicure I used Salon perfect Spot on polish. Since I feel like nude base polishes always fit a black and white theme I added OPI You're so Vain-illa as base. To make the mani a bit more interesting I added some circular red matt rhinestones to give it a 3D effect. Don't forget a good top coat or a gel top coat to cure the rhinestones on the mani. 

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of the base coat polish. If you are afraid that the dot polish might destroy or dissolve the base add a coat of top coat.

Step 2: Apply the chosen dot glitter polish. Since most of such polishes require a bit of glitter fishing I applied 2 coats of it. The placement of the glitter is not important, thou you are always welcome to fish them out of the base and apply them in a set pattern.

Step 3: Now you have to work fast. Since I applied a generous coat of the dot polish it will take some time to dry. I quickly applied the matt dot rhinestones. After I was finished I waited a bit for it to dry. Then I applied a coat of top coat or if you want to make sure not to lose any rhinestones apply some gel top coat polish. 

Here is a step - by - step look at this mani. I hope the tutorial helped and you can see that not all dot nail art requires a lot of time or precision. 

This post was made possible by Glam-express so head on over for some amazing make up and nail art tutorials.


DIY project: Make it spring forever

I like spring and home decoration. So all over my house there are cute little decorations depending on the time of the year. So since it's spring I tried to make something that can double also as part of the Easter decoration. Since I like to use and re-use old items I wanted to show you guys how to use random items around the house to make your nest pretty :)

Here is a simple little decoration with a gnome that I got as a gift. I added a big ombre Easter egg as extra decoration and some neon green glass stones that were meant as aquarium decoration. 

Here are some cute chickens over a nest filled with quail eggs. Since I work part time on a farm I created a nest out of straw and wire. I got a bunch of cotton flowers and fake flowers laying around and now the nesting chickens got a cute place to live. 

This one is an all Easter decoration that I honestly put away by now. But I found this cute old-timesy grandma lace mini cover and I thought it would make a perfect base for purple chickens that lay green eggs :)

Do you ever decorate your house according to the time of the year?


Monday, April 20, 2015

Pick n Mix Challenge: Neon / #HePicksMyPolish

Since I have a new BF I didn't want to overwhelm him with the crazy that is my polish collection. But the other day we went out to have some fun at a water park. And he liked my swimsuit and commented on them saying that I should make some nails like that since they are so colorful and I usually wear all black. So I did and I think this counts as a good #HePicksMyPolish challenge mani :)

Here you can see the inspiration my swimsuit - I love the colors and the silly flamingos. These are the only pinks things I like on the planet :)

Here is the 1st layer of the flamingo stamps I make with a bit more of a sheer polish, it just didn't seem enough so I put another layer of them over this thou the end result looks cool.

For the base of the mani I used Morgan Taylor Don't worry, be brilliant and Pink flame-ingo, Ruby kisses Blues clues. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! white and While wild ways. The plate I used is MoYou London Alice 4.

I love how these turned out and I only wish my camera could show them in all their neon glory. I need to listen to my man more often for nail art advice :)


Thursday, April 16, 2015

BPS Spring inspired nail art competition

One of my favorite nail art supply stores Bornpretty store is hosting a spring flowers inspired nail art challenge. As I am not a big fan of flowers or overly girly themes but I got this amazing Yes Love polish full of neon colored flower shaped glitters and I got an idea. 

I wanted to use the BP-18 stamping plate as base to make the branches and leaves and than place the flower shaped glitters on top as if they grow from it. I added some big pastel roses I got from BPS just to make the mani I bit more spring like :)

For the base of this mani I used Sinful colors Cinderella, China glaze Lemon fizz, Catrice LOVEnder and Bricky mouse as base. The stamps are made with BP-18 and Sinful colors My Kryptonite. The resin 3D flowers are from Bornpretty store and the flower filled polish is Yes Love G26-5.

Let's keep my fingers crossed I might win something. I am not having the best of luck with nail art competitions :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NOTD: Neon chevrons nails

I got my claws for the 1st time on some Morgan Taylor polishes. And let me tell you they are a dream! OMG Opaque neons in 2 coats with no base coat required. But I still prepared my white polish I use as base. As any nail blogger knows the base white polish is rarely opaque in one coat so here is a tip on how to use a white polish like that in nail art :)

Chevrons and neons are always a trend that is on point for the summer so I choose that combination to show how to use the sheer white polish. Because of the strength of the neons and the little black glitters make the contrast stronger and the white looks even more sheer. 

Therefore this is an easy way to use your sheer white polish to do some nail art and don't need to use it as base only. 

For this mani I used Morgan Taylor Don't worry, Be brilliant and Pink Flame-ingo to make little sponged areas. I also added Models Own Goose on some of the parts and spread the glitters all over the nail. The stamp is made with Sinful Colors Wisp and BM-423 stamping plate.

So there you go you can always stamp even with polishes that are not meant for it you just need a good base polish.
Thank you Glam Express to make this post happen and if any of you ladies are looking for a great place for some beauty inspiration head on over :)
Glam Express

P.S.: For all my Slovenian readers I got these neon Morgan Taylor polishes from a treasure trove that is Akademija Studio Lepota they have a lot of HTF China glazes also <3


Monday, April 13, 2015

Pick n Mix Challenge: Negative space

I don't relay like the negative space trend. So I went a bit my own way :) Since the negative space trend is main stream by now I tired to channel it with another trend - all white nails. I like how this turned out, somehow they look like pretty wedding nails. Just as good if you ask me :)

For this mani I used Essence Wild white ways as base, over it S-he stylezone no.110 glitters. The stamps are made with Barry M Silver and Gold foil. The stamping plates I used are QA92 and BP-05. The rhinestones and bows are from Bornpretty store.

Is there a main stream nail trend you don't like?


Thursday, April 9, 2015

NOTD: Sprial of color nails

My new obsession is making decals with stamping. I make 10 little stamped pictures and then I color them in - it's my new form of therapy because it is so calming :) I just can't stop and the results are always stunning! 

Today I have for you a mix of neons and pastels <3

For this mani I used Essence stamp me! black and HWH-05 to make stamps. I colored in the lines with China glaze Lemon fizz and Are you jelly?, Catrice Bring me peach and Essence Juicy love. I added some metal dots because the center of the circle was a bit messy :)

For more inspiration from the beauty world visit Glam express <3


Monday, April 6, 2015

LoL mani: Fiddle me Timbers / Pick n Mix: Burgundy & Maroon

Sometimes I get lucky in League of Legends and they pair together 2 things I love and I get inspired to make manis relay easily. To all my readers you know by now I harbor a slight pirate obsession but recently I fell in love with Fiddlesticks. Not only the champ but also that's how I call my new BF since he is crazy tall and skinny and plays LoL with me. BTW when I did these nails I got his stamp of approval ;)

For the mani I wanted to make the silly scarecrow's face, the cute piratey coat and crows - so many crows since that is his signature attack :) 

Here is my inspiration Fiddlesticks the Harbinger of doom in his Fiddle me Timbers skin :)

For this mani I used Catrice Marilyn & Me, Artful red and The Monkey gets funky for the gradients. The shiny coat red is Essence Juicy love. The details are made with Essence stamp me!black, Julep Lexie and Catrice ACid DC. The stamping plate I used is MM14.

My favorite Fiddlesticks in game quotes:
'' Yes, my master!''
''The crows are circling ... ''


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NOTD: Aprils fool

Ever since I saw the new MoYou London Games 2 plate I fell in love with the dancing jester figure. And I was waiting for a special day to use him. Since he is so big I need to make a decal out of him and put him on 2 nails. 
I thought that April Fools day is perfect to use this decal since the joker/jester is a cool representation. I never did a mani like this - that cuts the design in 2 parts - and I love it! 

For this mani I used China glaze What a pansy as base. Over it I added 2 layers of Essence Live, laugh & party. To make the stamps I created the decals with Essence stamp me! black and MoYou London Games 2 stamping plate.

Happy April fools day and may all your pranks succeed! :)


DIY project: April fools art

This is how butterflies look like where I am from. What do they look like at your place? APRIL FOOLS ;)

People know I like dead things so I got these 2 dead bugs - well more like 1 and 1/2 bugs since I only got a head from the stag beetle. BTW The pincer joints still work. Amazing!

So I thought I could make a Jackalope type of beast if I stick them together and make a cool 3D art piece. And I love how this turned out - it's a bad ass warrior butterfly <3

I adore this art installation <3

So what do you think awesome or creepy? :)
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